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30% Increase in on-time Project launches

Leading global CPG identifies and eliminates 200 stalled projects, leading to a 30% increase in on-time project launches and Saving 1500-Person hours.  

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20% OEE Boost: CPG Giant's Sustainability Win

A global CPG leader drives sustainability and boost 20% OEE with Acuvate's Data-Driven Framework.

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90% Faster Invoicing: Efficiency Redefined

Acuvate framework redefines metropolitan efficiency: 90% faster invoicing, universal data access.

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Drive Business Impact with a Holistic Data Strategy

In the era of human-AI collaboration, the driving force behind progress is data. However, many major enterprises face a challenge with fragmented data strategies, often limited by small-scale isolated efforts. This fails to provide meaningful insights and holistic data services to business users. To seize the opportunities of this era, businesses need integrated, end-to-end data strategies that amplify the impact of their data initiatives to drive progress. Acuvate advocates for an end-to-end approach, from meticulous data collection to delivering holistic, actionable solutions. We are committed to providing comprehensive support across industries. Our services cover the entire spectrum, from data collection to deriving tangible business value, addressing critical challenges such as isolated data sets, latency, misleading data insights, and lack of data governance


CTO Johan Krebbers explain how Acuvate Holistic Data Strategy helps organizations drive DIGITAL

Integrate Data into a Single Platform for Real-Time Business Value in Digital Services

Acuvate’s end-to-end strategy covers the entire data lifecycle from inception to insights. Our strategy ensures comprehensive data collection, optimizing data processing with edge computing for efficiency, utilizing secure cloud storage for vast datasets, and integrating AI decision-making tools for operational excellence

All data types feeding AI routines and resulting in higher value decision making


The range of devices has expanded beyond sensors to include files and applications that provide a comprehensive data collection framework. This integration ensures robust collection of data such as videos, images, temperatures, and pressure, which are instrumental for processing and deriving insights. Apps themselves can now produce inputs, enhancing the data set with both operational and environmental data.

Whats in it for you:
Your services are fueled by a rich and diverse data ecosystem that spans machine-generated and application-derived insights.


We’ve expanded connectivity options to include Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, and LPWAN technologies such as LoRaWan to meet various speed and latency requirements. Advanced protocols have also been introduced to handle different types of messages, ensuring seamless data flow. The choice of connectivity solution is critical for supporting the vast data volume and low latency requirements of modern enterprises.

Whats in it for you:
Your operations benefit from high-speed and reliable data transfer, which is essential for the real-time and data-intensive applications that drive your business.

3.Edge Compute

Edge computing is leveraged for time-critical and high-volume computing needs, allowing for localized data processing and immediate action. This decentralization of computing power is vital for real-time analytics and decision-making.  

Whats in it for you:
You gain the advantage of near-instantaneous data processing, enabling faster decision-making and increased operational efficiency.

4.Acuvate Data Platform

Collected data is consolidated into a unified Enterprise Data Platform, which can be cloud-based or on-premise, streamlining the data management process. This centralization better supports sophisticated AI (ML/MV) applications by providing insights from data translated into actionable information.

Whats in it for you:
Centralized data storage simplifies data access & management, providing a unified source for enterprise-wide analytics and decision support.

5.Application & Services

Applications and services have been further defined to include specific AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Machine Vision (MV), and now explicitly referenced Generative AI (Gen-AI). This suite of AI services transforms collected data into strategic insights across various applications.

Whats in it for you:
The integration of advanced AI technologies into your services ensures that your data is not just processed, but is also predictive and generative, providing a forward-looking approach to decision-making.

6.Inform Decision Makers

Methods for informing decision-makers now include immersive experiences through Extended Reality (XR) and more integrated solutions like Digital Twins, offering a more comprehensive view for informed decision-making.

Whats in it for you:
You are equipped with cutting-edge tools to visualize data and insights, enabling more nuanced and informed decisions.

7.Support Decision Making

Decision-making is supported through a holistic approach where autonomous AI could potentially make the call, reflecting a shift towards more autonomous systems and processes, ensuring that decision-makers are furnished with all the necessary information to make the final decisions confidently.  

Whats in it for you:
The decision-making process is enhanced with AI’s capability to act autonomously, leading to potentially quicker and more efficient outcomes.

Leverage End-to-End Data Solutions Across Industries


Energy Industry

Enhance your operational efficiency by addressing unplanned downtime, safety hazards, and data silos in real-time by integrating and optimizing data from diverse energy sources.


Manufacturing Industry

Elevate productivity, reduce operational costs, and promote a safer work environment by utilizing 5G-enabled sensors to track, manage and monitor your operations in real-time.

Acuvate Data Handling Services


Transform your operations with our comprehensive data assessment, organization, and governance solutions, ensuring reliable and actionable insights. Enhance your data-driven decision-making and gain a competitive edge with Acuvate’s Data Handling services.

Acuvate Business Services


Empowering enterprises with data-driven solutions, we leverage AI, predictive maintenance, and quality control to scale and transform your operations. Enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation with our tailored, advanced analytics and AI-driven services.

Our Acuvate Advisors

Beyond services, Acuvate brings top-of-the-line Advisors to help you define your business problem. Subsequently, Advisors work with you on identifying data sources that are equipped to address the problem with end-to-end data interventions, across Acuvate’s 7-step framework.

Ready to transform your digital services with cutting edge advisory from Acuvate

Acuvate Empowers You with Decision Automation to Maximize Data ROI

Transformational Services

Reinvent your enterprise with data and AI as innovation drivers. Adopt the latest technology, foster collaboration, and employ AI for automated insights. Shift from siloed data systems to a unified approach with our services. Modernize data platforms and boost efficiency in a dynamic market. 

We help you: 

  • Build a future-ready enterprise
  • Foster a culture of collaboration
  • Leverage AI for sharp insights  
  • Transform data ownership
  • Optimize your data estate  
  • Scale enterprise-wide AI implementation
Foundational Services

Lay the groundwork for a data-driven enterprise. Align your business goals with a data strategy for informed decision-making. Organize and secure your data for easy access. Use our services to ensure data accuracy through master data management. Establish a trustworthy single source of truth with data governance. 

 We help you:  

  • Data Strategy and Consulting
  • Data Platform Migration & Modernisation
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine learning and Deep Learning
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Data Quality management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance  
  • Data Operations
Data Migration and Modernization Services

Maximize returns on your cloud investments with our services. We simplify your shift from legacy systems to a security-focused approach, prioritizing data integrity and security. Using our services, you can seamlessly transition from legacy data challenges to a future-ready model. 

 We help you: 

  • Navigate data complexity  
  • Elevate cost-efficiency  
  • Guard data integrity 
  • Fortify data security  
  • Streamline data management
  • Future-proof data strategy
Advanced Analytics

Turn your massive data estate into decisions that fuel growth. Manage data strategically and integrate AI, ML, and IoT for smooth data flow. Our advanced analytics translates insights into action, offering real-time suggestions. Witness tangible benefits like faster project launches, efficient invoice processing, and time savings. 

 We help you:  

  • Unlock enterprise insights 
  • Build an intelligent enterprise
  • Use data strategically 
  • Operationalize analytics 
  • Integrate learning
  • Forecast with precision 
  • Act on automated recommendations 
  • Achieve real-world impact

Our Strategic Partnerships

We work with industry-leading partners to create solutions that enable and accelerate digital transformation and help reimagine your enterprise to thrive in an era of cloud and intelligence.

Why Acuvate?

As a global player in next-generation digital solutions and services, we help organizations unlock the full potential of their data. Our expertise lies in optimizing data usage to drive insights, build AI solutions, streamline operations, and deliver meaningful outcomes. 


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