At Acuvate, we believe in challenging the status quo. Our motto is to improve business efficiency. We do it by building enterprise applications that help in intelligent collaboration and orchestration of information. Here is how we go about building intelligent enterprise applications

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Improve Business Efficiency
Since its inception, Acuvate has been committed to make businesses better. We are focused towards creating business solutions that improve the quality of workplaces. Our motive is to produce intelligent applications that simplify processes. At Acuvate we create intelligent enterprise applications by following the RATE ideology. With this philosophy, we have served 100+ clients from all over the world. We have delivered over 15 packaged IP solutions and tools, over 300 SharePoint and over 50 BI and analytics implementations.
AI & Bots
Acuvate’s AI powered chatbots have been recruited by several reputed Fortune 500 companies to increase productivity, coordination and efficiency at workplaces. Our best performing bots include
  • MeshBOT – World’s first chatbot for SharePoint intranet
  • Botcore– Enterprise bot builder platform and toolset using which you can train and deploy AI bots
  • IT Helpdesk Bot – Your IT team’s intelligent assistant to improve the speed and productivity of your technical helpdesk.
  • SIA Bot – A Sales Intelligent Assistant to help sales teams make informed decisions
  • Legal Bot – This chatbot helps legal teams with eDiscovery and finding all the case-related info for an amplified team performance.
  • BOB – A B2B service bot to increase your customer/partner satisfaction and drive better customer retention
  • Buddy 365 – An AI chat bot that personalizes user experience for office 365 and thereby boosting adoption rate.
Understand better, learn deeper and implement faster with Acuvate’s analytics solutions.
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards – Implement actionable BI by identifying the key KPIs and business goals using the right visualizations
  • BI Architecture and Data Warehousing Services – Design and implement BI systems by creating the right and relevant data models.
  • Reports Factory and Support – Create customized and localized report templates for better analysis and decision making.
  • Predictive Analysis – Use statistical tools for implementing predictive analytical solutions for different organizational departments like sales, marketing, HR etc.
  • Self-service BI – Democratize your BI system and empower business users with the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.
  • Mobile BI – Get all the necessary business information on the move. Our solution helps senior management and field personnel take timely decisions by providing the advanced mobile tools of Power BI, Birst and Qlik.
Our Business Process Management (BPM) services are targeted towards automating the organizational business process. Our core services include:
  • Automation of Email/Excel based or manual processes
  • Automation of Business Processes by bringing together all disconnected LoB systems.
  • Acuvate is also partnered with Nintex and Metalogix.
Bespoke Application
Acuvate provides tailor-made technology solutions to solve the client’s core business problems. We hold remarkable expertise in SharePoint, .Net, Office365, Microsoft BI and ERP related bespoke applications. We also have extensive experience in developing customized LoB applications for various industries.
Intranets & Extranets
Tightly connect your organization with Acuvate’s next generation intelligent intranet and leverage the reach of the same with an added extranet. Here are our solutions in this space:
  • Mesh – An Office 365 ready to deploy intranet designed to boost organizational communication and collaboration
  • Seek – A sharepoint analytics tool to measure your intranet’s performance
  • Customer portal – A self service extranet to build better customer relationships
  • Supplier/Vendor Portal
  • Workbench (CMS)
Our Intelligent App philosophy

We aim to Reform the conventional functioning of organizations/businesses by introducing Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cognitive services, and Bl technologies. The goal is to understand and eliminate processes that can be automated using Artificial Intelligence.

Cognitive Bots were designed to Assist users by providing vital information at the right time. Empowering the employee is the best way to increase efficiency of any enterprise.

Services are designed to help your organization evolve by Transforming the way employees function. We aim to help you set new norms of functioning in your industry.

Learning is constant process, and we strongly believe that it is. No matter how far we’ve. Come from where we started; there is always a scope to learn. Apart from Reforming, Assisting, Transforming the way businesses function, we also empower them by Educating.

Quicker Time to market

Our accelerators can be absolute game-changers for enterprises. They are designed to jumpstart enterprises in developing key capabilities.

BotCore is our enterprise bot builder accelerator and toolset using which enterprises can easily train and deploy chatbots. Optimum is a set of tools, methodologies and processes built to assist with migrations to SharePoint platform

  • UX Explorer – A collection of UX templates and components based on JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, JavaScript and SharePoint
  • Reutilize Repo – A repository of SharePoint Fx, SharePoint Add-in and .NET components
  • Guidance Pack – A set of reusable patterns and practices
  • Ike Center – Acuvate’s knowledge center
  • Aware – A platform to deliver environment-aware content
Ready to Deploy
Acuvate focuses on providing enhanced productivity, accuracy, governance and user experience through their innovative solutions and proprietary methodologies. Here are our top rated solutions:
  • Mesh – A simplified intranet solution that is built on Microsoft Sharepoint providing a secure collaboration
  • Wave – SharePoint based Idea Management Solution designed to capture, collaborate and evaluate bright ideas from the employees.
  • Pact – A Sharepoint based solution for project teams to better collaborate among themselves
  • Mesh Bot – World’s first chatbot for Sharepoint intranet
  • IT Helpdesk bot – Improve your IT team’s work productivity with self-service technical support
  • SIA Bot – A Sales Intelligent Assistant to help sales teams make informed decisions
Frills – free delivery process
Acuvate’s CMME framework primarily concentrates on defining frills-free delivery execution models for projects of different sizes, domains & technologies
CMME framework works on the 4 key principles –
  • Agile
  • Technology / Domain Centric
  • Continuous Customer Engagement
  • Continuous Improvement & Reusability
The key execution models in CMME include:
  • Solution Implementation lifecycle.
  • SharePoint Development Lifecycle. (SpDLC)
  • BI Development Lifecycle. (BiDLC)
  • Bots Development Lifecycle (BDLC)
  • Offshore Development Centre Execution Framework.

What We Offer

Content and Collaboration

Unshackle yourself from primitive collaboration techniques through Acuvate’s Content & Collaboration service via SharePoint. C&C helps organizations gather data across verticals with oversight and intuition.

Business Process Management

Acuvate’s BPM solution helps organizations identify and define business process automations. Manual process discrepancies can be eliminated, leading to streamlined business workflows.


Uncomplicate your SharePoint migration. You could be upgrading to SharePoint On-Prem or deploying Office 365, Acuvate’s solutions make for an optimum migration. We help you manage, migrate, and secure SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

Traditionally, websites and apps forced humans to behave like computers, AI and chatbots force computers to behave like more humans. Acuvate’s AI & ChatBot Service pushes this notion even further by integrating Machine Learning into the bot making it smarter.




IT HelpDesk Bot



Your business strategy should always have thoughtful insight. This can only be achieved through a robust analytical service. Acuvate’s Analytics & Data Services lets you gain foresight through data reporting,visualization, and analyzation.

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Data Warehousing


Offshore Development Center



Solution Approach Show & Tell
Domain Understanding
Technology Expertise
Global Reach



Packaged Solutions


When our work does the talking
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Malabika Mukherjee
PS Solution Architect

We have been working with Acuvate for more than two years now and I must say they have constantly supported us in all our projects and achieving our goals on target. Their commitment towards customer focus and on time delivery has constantly improved over the years enriching our customer experience. The recent focus on quality and on time delivery is worth the appreciation.


Hope this continues and we have great relationship in the coming years!

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Kannan Natarajan
Vice President - Professional Services

We engaged with Acuvate to develop a Datawarehouse and Reporting solution –using SQL Server and Power BI. Acuvate provided the right technical and functional expertise and helped delivering the engagement on time. The team engaged with us in a true partnership.

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Vineet Shrivastava
Senior Manager - Information Management

We found Acuvate Team very Productive and efficient . They not only develop Software but also help us to visualize the impact on Users . They have worked for us on Many Projects and Intranet was one of them.


They strictly adhere the time line and in case of any bottleneck during the project , they come up with Solution as well. They are also our Support Partner on Microsoft Technologies and engage with us more than 2 years, We found their Support Services up to the mark.

suzlon logo
Shivendraloke Singh
Assistant General Manager Business Analyst | Sharepoint & Dot Net

Acuvate has always exceeded the expectations and we never felt as if we are working in an outsourced model. Our organization’s dynamics were well understood and no stone was left unturned to provide all necessary support by Acuvate.

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Atul gupta

The experience of working with Acuvate team was positive. With their help, we were able to convert all our manual processes which were not mapped in our ERP software, to workflow based processes on SharePoint, subsequently DR was also implemented successfully. There was a good collaboration, efficient communication, lots of positive synergy during the entire project implementation phase. We appreciate the work Acuvate did for us. Wishing Acuvate all the best for future endeavors.

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Anurag Chottani

We are very pleased with where our partnership is with Acuvate today. Acuvate’s solutions & services have supported our growing business needs well.


Their solution oriented approach, SharePoint knowledge and ability to execute projects made us choose Acuvate. Whether it is Extranet or Intranet, Onsite support or offshore delivery, Acuvate has delivered as per our expectations and we look forward to our continued relationship.