Application Migration and Modernization with Azure Admin September 3, 2021

The IDC Market Analysis Perspective 2020 shows a growing usage of public cloud in SMBs as micro enterprises continue to explore multiple deployment options to survive and ride the digital wave. Along with cloud grows the need for cloud-based applications among smaller companies whose growths are often impeded by legacy applications.

Given this situation, migrating legacy applications to the cloud emerges as an obvious business priority and Azure as the preferred choice for SMBs. But due to the complexity of the process and the level of planning required, many SMBs refrain from taking the leap. Unlike large enterprises, application migration and modernization unfold a gamut of challenges in terms of budget, knowledge, skills and resources, support, and execution.

This whitepaper aims to demystify the task of application migration and modernization with Azure by exploring the different approaches, methodologies, key consideration areas, and more, all from a SMB perspective.

Application Migration And Modernization Right

In this whitepaper, we have outlined:

What’s Driving Application Migration For Smbs

What’s driving application migration for SMBs?

Application Migration And Modernization With Azure

Application migration and modernization with Azure

The 5 Rs Of Application Modernization

The 5 Rs of application modernization

Key Steps To A Successful Journey To Cloud

Key steps to a successful journey to cloud

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