Ensure Hassle-Free Identity Verification with Acuvate’s Blockchain-Based Verifiable Credentials Solution Admin December 5, 2022

Ensure Hassle-Free Identity Verification with Acuvate’s Blockchain-Based Verifiable Credentials Solution

Secure, Tamper-Proof Digital Credentials for Instant and Indisputable Identity Proofing

Create and generate secure digital IDs. Achieve sustainable records, registrations and credentials management with decentralized blockchain. Reduce time and effort and overcome report logging lags. All with Acuvate’s state-of-the-art Verifiable Credentials solution built on Microsoft’s Azure and Power Automate.

Streamline identity management and digitize your certification processes to enhance transparency and efficiency.

Combat fake licenses and certifications with blockchain

Become a data-intelligent organization. Validate sensitive information and ensure adherence to governmental regulations at all times.

  • 400% more time efficiency in digital ID issuance
  • 90% improvement in inspection and audit accuracy
  • Super-fast identification of fake certification instances
  • Secure and transparent access to verifiable credentials with one-time OTP
  • Decrease in expenses associated with managing certification and licensing accountabilities
licenses and certifications with blockchain
Automate manual verification processes and reduce carbon

Automate manual verification processes and reduce carbon footprint

Keep your certification processes and transactions legitimate, tamper-proof and experience a wide range of avant-garde features.

  • 360-degree, always-on view of user and certificate validity information
  • Automated verification for instant resolution
  • Secure storage of mission-critical data with hyper-protected vaults
  • Thorough audit trail for each inspection
  • Workflows for reviewing and approving applications based on rules and regulatory guidance

Protect privacy and reduce silos. All in one click.

  • Instant OTP-based verification of sensitive information
  • Build robust inter-department collaboration
  • Eliminate the need for contacting the certificate issuer for each authentication
  • Provide certificate holders autonomy over their data and privacy
  • Build trust with all stakeholders
  • Fraud Detection
  • Multiple Authentication

Case studies and insights

Explore how blockchain-enabled verifiable credentials have enabled organizations to eliminate the risk of fake certifications and uphold the privacy of citizens and the integrity of digital IDs.

A public service organization in a global metropolis of nine million+ residents enhanced transparency in the asbestos certification process, saved significant time, and generated substantial revenue.

Partner with Acuvate to merge data, insights, and blockchain for unparalleled edge

Acuvate’s holistic blockchain-based verifiable credentials solution is your one-stop solution to build a tamper-proof workstream for certification, verification and digital ID issuance. With over 16 years of experience, Acuvate is a trusted partner for secure and legitimate digital certifications, credentials and transactions for the public sector and other mission-critical industries. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Acuvate combines the Microsoft stack and blockchain to streamline identity management and verification processes.

Pave the way for secure identities and tamper-proof certifications with Acuvate’s innovative Verifiable Credentials Solution.