Automated Legal Case transcription using AI & Cognitive services Abhishek Shanbhag October 17, 2022

Automated Legal Case transcription using AI & Cognitive services

Automated Legal Case transcription using AI Cognitive services

Legal professionals, including lawyers and judges, leverage court case videos to rewind the facts, verify the authenticity, and enhance transparency in judicial proceedings. In short, court case videos are like any other case-related evidence and must be available and searchable like any other text document.

Moreover, as courts deal with highly sensitive information prone to leakage and tampering, quick and accurate transcription of court videos is of paramount importance.

Manual transcription of videos is expensive and time-consuming, requiring a heavy investment of effort in listening to/watching court audio/videos multiple times. Moreover, manual audio parsing is prone to error and may lead to the possible loss of crucial facts that may affect the fate of the case.

Additionally, due to thousands of hearings and proceedings occurring daily, courts often face a shortage of stenographers to transcript and parse videos and audio.

That’s where automated case transcription using AI and cognitive services comes into the picture.

What is Automated Transcription?

Automated transcription solutions use AI and cognitive services to convert recorded or live audio/video into text. With powerful natural language processing and cognitive computing capabilities, such software helps litigants go from court disposition videos to fully featured, fully-searchable transcripts in 60% lesser time.

As transcription takes place automatically, lawyers and litigants can review notes, mark up transcripts, and concentrate on the actual proceedings without the hassle of taking notes manually.

AI & Cognitive Services Powering the Automated Case Transcription

New-age, innovative technology for the legal industry, boast exciting features and capabilities that provide video and audio transcription solutions and help save approximately 40% of costs.

Key Features of Automated Case Transcription Solution:

1. Intuitive Media Player Interface

An Intuitive interface allows users to navigate the video quickly and playback to the relevant sections where a particular person, keyword, or sentiment is identified.

2. Automatic generation of accurate transcripts for audio and media files

Best-in-class, AI-powered automatic speech recognition technology converts conversations into text, even detecting emotion, intent, action items, and much more.

3. Speaker identification from media file

  • Identify all the people in the video file and the timestamp when the people speak.
  • Identify all the people visible in the video (even non-speakers).
  • Name the identified people, if available in a predefined User Directory or publicly identifiable celebrities.
  • Easy media navigation with timestamp highlighting to view relevant sections when the observed person is speaking.
Case transcription using AI

4. Keyword Identification

  • Identify core keywords spoken during the video.
  • Easy media navigation with timestamp highlighting to view relevant sections when the keyword is spoken.
Case transcription using AI

5.Transcription for multilingual content

  • Leverage Cognitive Services to automatically generate the closed captions for the media file in any supported language.
  • Support for the same media file with spoken content in multiple languages.
Case transcription using AI

6. Sentiment identification

  • Leverage AI to identify the sentiments of the conversation.
  • Easy media navigation with timestamp highlighting to view relevant sections when the sentiment is identified.
Case transcription using AI

7. Full Searchable Transcripts - spoken words and speaker search using cognitive search engine

  • Spoken Words Search
  • Speaker Search
  • Easy media navigation with timestamp highlighting to view relevant sections when the keyword or speaker is identified.

8. Support for Reviews/Corrections by Human Transcribers

  • Human in-the-loop feature to review/correct incorrect transcriptions due to accent, slang, or other complex scenarios.
  • A historical record of any changes made by Human Transcribers for auditing.
Case transcription using AI

9. Playback feature to revisit crucial facts

Revisit and recall decision-altering evidence by using the playback feature that helps playback to sections where a key phrase, sentiment, or witness was identified.

10. Transcript Translation

Translate the same media file into your preferred language and get closed captions in multiple languages.

11. Document Repository to manage exhibits, transcripts, and reports in one place

Consolidate and reorganize all files, videos, exhibits, and audios into a single unified database that is easily accessible and searchable for future reference.

Business Benefits of Automated Case Transcription Solution

Business Benefits of Automated Case Transcription Solution

1. Faster Turnaround Time

Every process in the legal industry is time-sensitive, creating a lot of pressure on the legal time, especially the stenographers. With AI-powered transcription services, you can go from court disposition videos to fully featured transcripts in 60% less time

2. Speaker Identification

Automatically pinpoint all the people visible in the video (including non-speakers), and the timestamp when they speak for easy identification.

3. Multilingual translation support

Get closed captions in your preferred supported language, and get spoken content in the same media file for multiple languages.

4. Cost savings

Spend 40% less on transcription otherwise spent on hiring transcriptionists and stenographers, and expenses on manual transcription of case videos or costs due to inaccurate transcription.

5. Enhanced searchability

Find the tiniest details with an AI-powered cognitive search engine that provides file search, speaker search, spoken words search, and easy media navigation with time stamping when a  keyword is identified.

6. Enhanced accuracy and security

As case evidence is highly sensitive, AI-powered transcription solutions adhere to certain protocols and guidelines that ensure legal information is secure. B, since every single detail or nuance of a case is important, harsh mistakes or unnecessary errors in documentation can be avoided by automating and expediting transcription and ensuring legal documents don’t fall in the wrong hands.

How can Acuvate help?

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