Acuvate’s 2022 Year In Review Bidding farewell to one of Acuvate’s best years yet Gina Shaw December 31, 2022

Acuvate’s 2022 Year In Review Bidding farewell to one of Acuvate’s best years yet

Acuvate 2022 Year In Review Bidding

It’s that time of year when families, friends, and colleagues gather to reminisce and celebrate the previous year while enthusiastically planning for the next. A time of gratitude for the successes of the past.

It’s a time of reminiscing, celebration, and gratitude at Acuvate too, where we have had a game changing year. We set out last January to build for some of the world’s most complex problems, using tech for good and helping SLG and enterprises prepare for a more sustainable future with the combined power of technology and empathy.

And our most significant achievements in 2022 have been aligned with this goal. So, let’s get right into it.

Solving complex global issues in 2022

The last few years at Acuvate have been about building a solution-led mindset, building platforms and solutions with AI, data, IoT and other cutting-edge technologies. We have translated some of our most successful case studies into full-blown, repeatable and reusable solutions with two core objectives:

  • Using technology for good across social, public and enterprise realms
  • Solving some of the biggest and most complex industry sector problems
State and Local Government sector brochure

State and Local Government sector

Vehicle Noise Detection Solution - Anois

A robust AI & ML solution that seamlessly detects vehicles violating noise pollution standards. The intuitive platform extracts vehicle information from reported videos and DMV database, saving time and cost and resolving complaints faster.

Verifiable Credentials

A smart solution that creates, issues, and verifies tamper-proof, secure, and cost-effective decentralized digital IDs for enhanced transparency, credibility, and reduced corruption. 

Vehicle Classification & Traffic Monitoring

An intelligent transportation solution that uses data for vehicle classification and monitoring, payload detection, intelligent infrastructure decisions, and enhancing public safety on the roadways. 

Water Management & Treatment Optimizer

An innovative solution leveraging IoT, AI, data integration, and predictive analytics to monitor and control water quality parameters, resolve quality issues faster, optimize chemical usage, improve operational processes, and reduce complaints and carbon footprint.

Employee Experience (EX) Chatbots

AI-powered intelligent bot that enables employees to converse in their preferred language, find information and answers to queries instantly, and eventually increase organizational productivity. 

CPG sector Brochure

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector

Conversation AI Platform
Customer Experience (CX) Chatbots

A multilingual conversational AI assistant providing personalized conversations for enriching customer interactions and greater lead conversions. 

Cognitive Services
Employee Experience (EX) Chatbots

AI-enabled intelligent bots to converse with employees in their language of choice to resolve HR, IT, policy, among other queries instantly. 

Data Experience (DX) Chatbots

Intuitive data bots providing rich-data insights and analytics to teams right at their fingertips.

Ad Spend Optimizer

Optimizing ad-spend and measuring campaign success with robust modern data technologies, machine learning and advanced analytics.

Smart Manufacturing

A modern and innovative end-to-end data solution to optimize Overall Equipment Efficiency and workforce utilization and reduce carbon footprint.

Outsourced Manufacturer

A modern solution automating analysis, grade assignment and partner audits to establish a single source of truth for data generated by factories and external partners.

Asset Management

An intelligent IoT platform enabling businesses to stay up-to-date on their assets, recovery maintenance, problem areas and inventory management.

Workforce Analytics

A data analytics solution collating data from numerous sources for smart analysis, measurement and tracking of employee-related data. 

Complaint Automation

An advanced ML analytics solution for the seamless classification and categorization of  email complaints.

Wave: Idea Management Tool

An engaging idea management platform for frictionless capturing, collaboration, evaluation and refining of ideas from anyone, at any place.

energy sector

Energy sector

Digital Workplace Suite

An innovative platform to digitize manual paper-based processes and feed critical business information into the existing ERP systems.

AFE Modernization

A no-code PowerApps solution for smart accounting of every tangible and intangible spending against the total corporate budget.

Purchase Order Management

No-code PowerApps platform to streamline and fuel enterprise growth via connected workflows and strong governance.

Material Master Request Automator

No-code IoT-based PowerApps platform to save time, improve productivity and meet zero-waste sustainability goals on material requests and purchase.

Workplace Safety

An intuitive solution to reduce hazards and mitigate risks for frontline workers via predictive insights and analysis.

Asset Management

IoT-based smart asset management platform to enable businesses to stay up-to-date on their assets, recovery and maintenance, problem areas and inventory management.

Multipurpose Chatbots

EX and DX chatbots to help employees get quick answers to queries, perform one-click reporting and be productive and data-driven across all tasks.

Our Solutions Across industries

Employee roster app

A smart app to move employee rostering process from the 1960s to 2022 with seamless shift management, change requests, attendance recording and powerful predictive analytics to optimize operational costs

Inspection App

Inspection App

A digital solution to modernize critical infrastructure inspections, improve visibility, save time, and address sustainability goals by replacing paper-based inspections. 

The first year of IoT successes

Earlier in 2022, Acuvate formally launched its IoT practice under the seasoned expertise of Damodar Mangalwedhe. And in the very first year, Damodar and his team created magic with turnkey IoT applications. As a result, our customers have reduced costs, increased revenue, met safety and sustainability goals, and ensured high-quality outputs.

IoT for telecom
A leading telecom giant saved a million dollars by activating Acuvate’s cutting-edge IoT solution to address diesel wastage and pilferage.
Delivering Public Safety and Environmental Sustainability
The city department of a global metropolitan automated violator penalizations, resolved citizen complains quicker and enhanced transparency in asbestos certification, saving up to $12.5 million/year while also reducing air and noise pollution.
How IoT Unlocks Uninterrupted Hypergrowth for Retail and CPG

Retail and CPG sectors have a brand-new opportunity to leverage IoT to improve operational processes. From always-on insights from store to warehouse, cubicle to shop floor, real-time reports and continuous monitoring, retail brands are using IoT to improve CX and achieve revenue growth.

How IoT Opens Up Opportunities for Limitless Growth in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are leveraging IoT to reduce costs and carbon footprint, improve operational efficiency, improve workforce safety and improve OEE. With Acuvate, they are achieving staggeringly high improvement figures across all of these priorities.

The rise and rise of Acuvate's Microsoft partnership and capabilities

2022 has been an excellent year for our partnership with Microsoft. From awards and certifications to collective event engagements, the collaboration has helped both companies blaze the trail on behalf of our customers.

Highlights included:

Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Microsoft invited Acuvate to present the keynote and discuss Power Platform-based SLG solutions at the Indiana Fall Event. Indiana Workforce Department’s CIO, CTO and Director of Workforce Strategy, Department of Environmental Management, Department of Revenue, and State Police, among other public sector leaders, also attended the event.
  • Acuvate and Microsoft presented sustainability solutions for a greener and safer transportation sector at the ITS World Congress 2022, where sustainable transportation took centre stage.
  • Acuvate continued to push the boundary for what’s possible for customers implementing Power Platform. Diverse use cases, all with one intended outcome – more open and collaborative, more productive, more data-driven enterprises. Read this Microsoft blog to know more – and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Turning 16!

We turned 16 and it’s been an incredible journey! From launching new solutions and services to expanding into new markets, and have had the privilege of serving a growing number of customers around the world. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our amazing employees. And our heartfelt thanks to all of our customers, partners for choosing Acuvate and continued support.

Turning 16

As we look to the future, we’re excited to see what the next 16 years will bring. We’re committed to continuing to grow and innovate, and to delivering the best solutions and services to our customers.

Customer and ecosystem education is at the core of everything at Acuvate

Throughout 2022, our teams pushed the boundaries for what’s possible for our customers in the age of IoT, data-centricity, one-click analytics and reporting, AI & ML, computer vision, and more. And as we did it, we found opportunities to educate the customer ecosystem about how best to proceed with modernization strategies, where to invest, what use cases to expect, etc. We worked closely together to bridge the gap between enterprise tech investments and their real-world possibilities, with a shared goal: helping companies achieve the highest ROI from their tech investments and strategies.

Poonam Chug, Vice President – Business Unit Head (Migration & Modernization), explains the evolution of app usage and how MS Power Apps is driving this “appification” of enterprises worldwide.

Poonam Chug also wrote about the coming of age of the energy sector and its modernization opportunities for worker health and safety, reduced operation costs, improved asset management and supply chain and more.

Abhishek Shanbhag, Vice President – Business Unit Head (AI for Business), dives into what it takes to build a robust conversational AI strategy for CPG businesses and demonstrates success metrics with real-world implementations.

Pavan Kulkarni, Practice Head of Google Cloud Platform, explores the power of automated medical transcription in improving physician-patient interactions and assisting healthcare providers in caring better and more effectively.

Shahnawaz Sheriff, Practice Head of Data and AI, gets into the nitty-gritty of sustainable water management to deliver high-quality water to citizens, monitor usage, and maintain assets using data, analytics and AI.

Hyper-growth with new regions, new offices, new customers, & new leadership guidance

2022 saw the number of Acuvators grow by 30%. Our tech-for-good mindset is working for us, with our % new clients/ projects and new ecosystem collaborations with the likes of Google, Smartleavens (other partners’ names?). We opened a new office in the Middle East & expanded our India Facilities.

Hyper-growth with new regions acuvate

But this wasn’t all. Thanks to the unwavering support of our customer and partner community, we broke ground in a brand-new market. Acuvators began 2022 with baby steps in the Middle East region, specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The year is ending with substantial wins from two Middle Easter behemoths from the banking and retail sectors.

For a leading bank, Acuvate built a Knowledge Management (KMS) portal to boost sales. The platform consolidates product knowledge for sales team to close more deals with deep product knowledge. It is also evolving Sharia product research from paper-based to easily accessible through the platform.

The retail giant, on the other hand, is reducing manual intervention and human errors in its supplier processes like order management, PO, billing & invoice, using Acuvate solution built using OCR.

Our Strong Anchors & Seasoned Pilots Taking the Ship to Shore

Summing up

All in all, Acuvators are kicked about the successes of 2022. We are taking our learnings into 2023, geared up to do more and do better.

But for now, we are taking a step back to spend time with friends and family. Time to rest and recharge and be ready for all that the next year promises to bring.

Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a sparkling 2023! Stay in touch.