How Automated Medical Transcription Can Impact Hospitals Worldwide? Pavan Kulkarni November 9, 2022

How Automated Medical Transcription Can Impact Hospitals Worldwide?

How Automated Medical Transcription Can Impact Hospitals Worldwide
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Maintaining patient records, the biggest and even the minutest of details, is a critical task in  setting the foundation for the highest quality of medical care, including diagnoses, treatment, and well-being. That’s where medical transcription comes into the picture.

Gauging the significance of transcription in the healthcare industry requires, for starters, an in-depth understanding of what medical transcription is. Simply put, medical transcription is mainly centered around  documenting patient-physician interactions during hospital visits.  The entire procedure begins with the physician examining the patient, documenting all physical ailments and diagnoses, along with medical recommendations and the treatment plan launched. Traditional transcription involves recording the conversation between the patient and the doctor in a voice format, which is then converted into text by specialists known as medical transcriptionists. At times, the physicians themselves do the transcription, which diverts their attention away from providing compassionate care to their patients.  Moreover, any practictioner, from surgeon to doctor, to any stakeholder across the entire medical spectrum may use transcription as a means of maintaining complete and accurate medical records.

Hospitals worldwide depend on medical transcripts as a way of providing exceptional healthcare. Patient visits are recorded and stored in a secure manner throughout a patient’s lifetime. Patient history, past surgeries, current medications, allergies, and social habits make up a single patient’s transcript, making it essential to incorporate an ability to predict future outcomes and extract meaningful insights from such data.Particularly for healthcare providers, it’s tough juggling between patient care and regular studies. On top of that, they must also keep accurate patient records; involving too much writing or typing, they will have hundreds of things on their plate, risking the quality of patient care. Moreover, manual transcription is both expensive and time-consuming. Indeed, there is a dire need for data-driven technology that automates documentation across the entirety of healthcare, contributing significantly in the treatment of serious and chronic diseases, extracting valuable insights, and predicting future outcomes based on currently available medical information.

AI-Driven Automated Transcription Software

Automated medical transcription solution, powered by AI and speech recognition technology, serves several primary and secondary care areas, transcribing vital medical information, patient history, current state, medical diagnoses, medicine names, procedures, and much more. 

Be it information dictated by a healthcare professional or conversations between the patient and doctor, our intelligent transcription services save time and costs and avoid unnecessary delays in rendering medical care. Moreover, in today’s times, with advancements in AI, machine learning, and speech recognition, voice tech has indeed come to play a more significant role in healthcare, as compared to keyboard inputs, which is significantly slower (almost 3X slower than voice recognition).  Additionally, the costs spent on automating the transcription of audio files is much less, leading to lower overall costs. Of course, it goes without saying, automation reduces overall turnaround time (TAT) too.

No wonder that the global medical transcription software market is expected to reach USD 4.89 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.8% during the forecast period.

And, that’s where we come into the picture. Acuvate’s solution for medical transcription aids medical personnel in improving their productivity by focusing on what matters most while the solution automates away documentation activities. By integrating with common EHR apps and powered by AI and machine learning, our solution offers doctors, physicians, practitioners, and other healthcare stakeholders the ability to extract meaningful insights from data.

In general, Acuvate’s solution offers the following benefits:

1. High-quality transcription with speech-recognition support

Acuvate’s solution, combined with world-class speech recognition technology, delivers high-quality transcription service to record patient visit information. Spend more time with patients with fast and complete clinical transcription.  Our solution intelligently extracts and summarizes relevant and actionable medical information.

2. 95%+ accuracy with best-in-class voice recognition technology

Our out-of-the-box solution uses medical dictation and medical conversation models to deliver greater than 95% accuracy in transcribing patient visit information.

3. Flexible integrations with multiple EHR apps

Acuvate’s solution integrates with many popular EHR apps, such as Epic Haiku, Cerner PowerChart Touch. Or, use your smartphone to record and transcribe.

4. Telemedicine made easy with audio/video transcription

In the post-covid world, many hospitals offer offline consultations through A/V tools. Use those outputs to transcribe and record the conversations.

5. Generate new insights from transcribed data

Use Vertex AI and AutoML to apply machine learning algorithms to discover new intelligence from transcribed data. Our solution integrates with EHR apps, analyzes patient and other medical information end-to-end, and generates valuable insights from thousands of records to predict future outcomes.

6. Custom workflows support easy edits

Use workflows customized to your hospital to review and edit the transcribed text before it is saved. Convert your transcribers into text editors.

7. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Use workflows customized to your hospital to review and edit the transcribed text before it is saved. Convert your transcribers into text editors.

8. HIPAA-compliant solution for complete security and compliance

Acuvate’s solution  is HIPAA compliant. Medical institutions have complete control over where their data is stored and how it is processed.

AI-driven medical transcription solution Features

Benefits & Features of Automated AI-Powered Medical Transcription

1. High Accuracy Transcription

Generate highly accurate transcriptions using Speech-to-Text technology and pre-trained medical models.

2. Knowledge Repository of Transcripts

Search through an exhaustive catalog of transcripts across the institution stored in the BigQuery warehouse.

3. Multilingual Translations

Translate from any language audio to English text using Translation Service.

4. Transcribe notes and conversations

One solution transcribes both notes dictated by a medical professional, and a conversation between a medical professional and a patient, or any other critical healthcare interaction.

5. Keyword-based alert system

A keyword-based system that monitors transcriptions for the utterance of specific keywords and leverages pre-built dashboards to track the usage of such words.

6. Live and recorded transcriptions

Avoid transcription delays by transcribing in near real-time. Transcribe recorded audios where live transcription not available.

7. Manual intervention workflows to edit or process transcribed text

Avoid transcription delays by transcribing in near real-time. Transcribe recorded audios where live transcription is not available.

8. Transcribe from any EHR app

Start transcription from any EHR app of your choice. Acuvate’s cloud-first solution makes it easy to integrate with any app.

9. Real-time alerts and reports

Configure alerts for pre-defined terms. Monitor transcribed text for those terms and receive real-time alerts using BigTable.

10. Downstream BQ & Vertex AI analytics

Generate insights from data with a complete suite of analytics and machine learning tools.

11. Admin Management Console

Configure and control the entire solution using a comprehensive admin management console.

Final Thoughts!

As an integral part of hospitals worldwide for both patients and physicians, medical transcription forms the pillars of future reference and treatment.  Consequently, it is widely leveraged by physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, pathologists, etc.

Acuvate’s AI-driven medical transcription solution comes with ready-to-use templates and scripts. Out-of-the-box integration with Haiku and PowerChart triggers the dictation process.  technology improves accent dictation and allows translation from multiple languages to English text.

Our solution monitors transcriptions for specific keywords and tracks their usage with pre-built dashboards. Clients can also request ready-to-use physical, consultation, operative, and discharge reports in real time.

To know more, please feel free to schedule a personalized consultation with our experts.