Get a Quick Start to Microsoft Fabric with Fabric Weave Shanawaz sheriff November 21, 2023

Get a Quick Start to Microsoft Fabric with Fabric Weave

New York City is home to over 8.3 million people. To meet its residents’ drinking and wastewater management needs, the city’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) works behind the scenes to provide over 1 billion gallons of drinking water daily to the city’s residents. Acuvate and Microsoft delivered new and delightful customer and employee experieces with conversational AI solutions built on a consolidated data stack. This is just one example of the possibilities organizations unlock when they switch from siloed, legacy solutions to modern data cultures.

In 2023, effective use of data and self-serve analytics are rapidly going from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’. Only 50% of organizations call themselves truly ‘data-driven’, but 93% of companies report continued intent to invest in data and analytics. A large part of this gap comes from complex data stacks and siloed data distribution across the enterprise.

So, how can enterprises harness their enterprise data effectively and holistically, without compromising quality, security, or cost?

By migrating their data estate to consolidated platforms fit for the new world of data, AI, and workplace cultures.

Until recently, this unified data storage, accessibility, security, and support was difficult to achieve with one solution. But with Microsoft’s latest announcement about the general availability of Microsoft Fabric, a new-age, SaaS based data platform built for the ‘golden age of AI,’ it all got easier.

Acuvate and Microsoft Fabric: The Fast Track to a Data-First Enterprise

Among the many advantages Microsoft Fabric offers are:

  • A single data lake.
  • A unified data engineering platform.
  • A rich set of analytics and data science tools.
  • And a simpler, faster route to data-backed solutions.


While the advantages of such a platform are apparent, businesses with existing data management systems could be understandably apprehensive. Some common blockers include migration costs, extended project timelines, potential data loss, and the unavailability of experienced partners.

Acuvate is placed to be a reliable partner in helping you embrace Microsoft Fabric. Optimum our in-house migration and governance solution has helped many businesses move their databases to Microsoft Azure.

With our proven track record of delivering successful data migration projects using Optimum, we are one of the few partners entrusted by Microsoft to migrate enterprise data estates to Microsoft Fabric. To meet the scale of this migration, we have gone beyond Optimum and developed a tailored program for migration to Microsoft Fabric.

Introducing Fabric Weave by Acuvate

Data migration is complex. Everyone can agree on that. It requires planning and execution expertise. The cost of doing it wrong can have a significant business impact. Some common challenges businesses run into during migration include:

  • Redundant data: Multiple departments may operate in data silos with copies of data without a consistent source of governance.
  • Incompatibility between sources: Different data sources may maintain data in formats that cannot be easily reconciled to provide a consolidated picture of the data.
  • Business impact: Identifying data sources, cleaning the data, and safely migrating can be a lengthy process that uses up resources and negatively affects business continuity

A report from Cloud Security Alliance highlights how 90% of CIOs experienced disruption in data migration projects. Only 26% of surveyed organizations completed their migration within the expected timeframe. These are the precise challenges that Fabric Weave is designed to address.

Fabric Weave is an intensive four-week program dedicated to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) workload migration to Microsoft Fabric. Using Acuvate’s custom data migration frameworks and Optimum, Fabric Weave solves migration challenges that are common or unique to your business. Ultimately, Fabric Weave delivers data estate migration to Microsoft Fabric with more confidence and minimal business disruption.

Why Savvy Enterprises Opt for Fabric Weave

Fabric Weave is built upon Acuvate’s expertise with migration from the complexity of source data to optimizing migration costs and security threats. The program starts small and stays scalable across the full breadth of your data estate.

Here’s how Fabric Weave tackles common data migration roadblocks:

  • Compatibility and Redundancy: Fabric Weave leverages Acuvate’s tried-and-tested Optimum solution to seamlessly connect with multiple data sources and validate data. This ensures only clean and up-to-date data makes the cut to your new storage solution.
  • Business As Usual: Acuvate is a trusted Microsoft partner with a deep understanding of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. Using Optimum in tandem with Microsoft’s tools for Fabric migration, Fabric Weave ensures your data gets where it needs to go quickly and reliably.

What Should You Expect with Fabric Weave?

Fabric Weave ensures the migration of a business critical OLAP workload to Microsoft Fabric within the specified budget and timeline. This includes:

  • Identifying a suitable workload for migration
  • Development of a migration strategy and resolving dependencies
  • Executing schema, data, and code migration to Microsoft Fabric.
  • Migrating (or creating) ETL/ELT packages using Fabric Data Engineering/Data Factory
  • Validating migrated objects and data.

The Outcome:

  • One Power BI analytical report with a maximum of six chart controls and three filters with Microsoft Fabric as the source.
  • One classic data science model for predictive analytics
  • Real-time analytics on Fabric (based on requirement)
  • Setup of Azure Purview for the migrated objects

Fabric Weave: One Stitch at a Time

Fabric Weave is designed as a transparent, step-by-step process with room for participation and feedback from key data stakeholders within customer organizations.

Once you confirm your participation in Fabric Weave, here is how things will unfold:

Stage 1: Workshop (2 – 4 hours)

Acuvate will conduct a workshop for all stakeholders, demonstrating how Microsoft Fabric can improve every facet of your data analytics journey. The hands-on demo and actual business use cases specific to your organization will contrast your current data outcomes with what Microsoft Fabric can achieve.

Once your data is stored in central repository, secure, centralized governance and real-time analytics provide immediate benefits.

Stage 2: Discovery (2 – 4 days)

Acuvate will identify a suitable business workload that can benefit from being migrated to Fabric. A business-critical workflow is chosen to demonstrate how migration can be done without business disruption.

Stage 3: Pilot (4 weeks)

Acuvate will undertake the workflow migration process and configure Microsoft Fabric to achieve the intended outcomes and use cases. You bank on seasoned industry expertise and support to build your future-proof data estate on Microsoft Fabric.

Stage 4: Scale With Governance

Acuvate will enable your data estate’s migration to Microsoft Fabric, setting up a centralized data repository powered by Microsoft OneLake. Centralized governance and interconnected applications immediately accelerate your journey to becoming a data-powered organization.

Step into the Future of Data Centricity with Acuvate and Microsoft

Microsoft Fabric presents an opportunity for enterprises looking to improve their data analytics and AI capabilities on their journey to true data centricity.

Acuvate’s Fabric Weave is the perfect solution to start with Microsoft Fabric, leveraging Acuvate’s long history of collaborating with Microsoft, pre-built migration accelerators, and proven migration expertise.

A British multinational consumer goods company improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by 20%.

An oil and gas major improved workplace safety with vision algorithms to detect potential hazards.

A frozen desserts brand reduced wastage by almost a quarter.

The data-powered transformations happened for AcuvatexMicrosoft customers even before Microsoft Fabric and Fabric Weave. With the launch of Microsoft Fabric and efficient migration powered by Fabric Weave, the possibilties are endless.

To explore how Fabric Weave can help transform your organization’s relationship with data, connect with one of our migration experts today.