Fostering a culture of Innovation @ Acuvate: Then, Now and Forever Admin January 19, 2022

Three years of experience at Acuvate is equivalent to nine years at other big corporations.” On the brink of completing a decade at Acuvate, I wouldn’t say anything otherwise. After starting my career in a multinational corporation, I was looking for opportunities to explore my abilities. Acuvate seemed the perfect place for that journey. However, with a shift in working culture the initial days were a struggle. But with time I was able to contribute and grow professionally. Today, I stand before you as a Technical Architect with over nine incredible years at this company and still going strong. All thanks to the continuous support and learning experience provided by this distinguished organization. After all, growing together is at the heart of Acuvate’s success journey.  

Grow Together, Grow More!

When I began my journey at Acuvate, I was initially very apprehensive. Previously working as a part of a large ocean in a global corporation, I was literally unseen. On the other hand, a growing company, Acuvate demanded that I step up for different career stages. It was a significant cultural change, with me embarking on unfamiliar journey. As Project Lead and in several other roles throughout the years, I handled various challenges but, very importantly, the doors of opportunities kept opening up in Acuvate journey. The potential for learning and growth had attracted me towards Acuvate in the first place. After 9+ years, I can say it has been the best decision, as the journey has been that of professional and personal satisfaction.

Expanding Horizons

When I joined Acuvate, it was a small company looking to make its space amongst the tech giants. As Acuvate grew over the years, so did we. I got my first overseas assignment within the first couple of years, to close important deals. One occasion, that stands out for me was meeting our German multinational building materials clients. Eighteen months in Germany immersed with challenges and learnings allowed us to monitor and meet stringent customer standards. The expansion that my team and I were experiencing was not just geographical but a personal one. It was an important milestone for me to understand various aspects of project delivery, teamwork and quality outcomes for clients. 

Leading by Example.

Acuvate fosters a culture of growth that gives way to leadership capabilities. As leaders of IT, we cultivate our young minds with the motto ‘Innovation by Design’. We like to select the best contenders who would go on to become leaders of tomorrow. As a result, our standards of recruitment and selection process are very stringent. However, this comes with its own set of perks. In terms of both salaries and learning opportunities, Acuvate stands out as an industry leader. If you want to learn and have the zeal and passion for technology, Acuvate is the place to be. After all, don’t just learn to lead. Learn to lead by example. 


As an organization, Acuvate has come a long way. From a budding organization of around 150 employees when I first joined to a present-day challenger in IT. We bring the best value to our customers, and this would not have been possible without the dedication of each employee. As we continue to expand and grow to the next level, we see huge scope for the company and our people especially the younger ones. We are now gearing up for the next steps into the future, to become the global AI leader of tomorrow. 

About Sudhakar Matta

Sudhakar Matta

Sudhakar Matta is Technical Architect at Acuvate. He has extensive expertise in digital transformation using AI. He has worked with multiple customers worldwide to provide innovative solutions with state of the art technologies. Currently he is leading a team to build consumer chatbots on scale for worlds largest FMCG brands.