A Place of Innovation and Growth: The Acuvate Experience Admin January 19, 2022

“You fail faster; you learn faster.” here is a motto that is instilled within every person at all levels at Acuvate. And now, after completing more than half-a-decade with this company, I can vouch for each word of the motto. Of course, every journey has its ups and downs, and we accept that. But what we also believe in encouraging and supporting each other, and more importantly, growing together

From Business-Centric to People-Centric

As part of my journey with Acuvate, I have seen it transform from 150 Acuvators to an organization gearing up to be 400 plus. The growth that one experiences in Acuvate is not merely professional but also personal. Becoming a people-centric organization is more than just numbers and strategies. It is about instilling business acumen within each employee, where you are always encouraged to meet the stakes. A significant factor that stands out in my Acuvate experience is growth. Growing is crucial but growing together is the key. Having each other’s back while you fall inhibits trust and confidence among the employees and indefinitely, towards the Acuvate culture. 

A Culture That Motivates

I started my career in Acuvate as a Talent Acquisition executive with no prior experience. And today, I stand before you as a Human Resource Specialist with varying degrees of experience in my portfolio. As an Acuvate employee, you are always encouraged to try new things, build unique perspectives, and push the envelope. Within a short period after beginning my journey, I was mentored by my seniors, was encouraged to share my views openly, learned with hands-on real-time experience. In the last Five years, I have learnt to be more assertive in a professional environment that definitely helped me to grow as an individual. I have led multiple initiatives and strategies and consistently worked to enhance internal communication between Acuvate and Acuvators. After all, Acuvate’s development is aligned with the growth of each employee, and mine was no different.

Experiment and Grow

Instilling confidence within each employee is at the heart of the Acuvate approach. As the company grew in the last decade, so did every person at Acuvate. When the company was transitioning from a 300 to 400 employees, all of us were encouraged to experiment with new ideas and implement new processes, as opportunities for growth continuously kept opening up. At Acuvate, you never stop learning. Our mentors and leaders brought in all the help to ensure we were getting due exposure to increase our business acumen. What sets Acuvate apart is that over here, learning is not just a process but a continuous experience, with each of us leaving an indelible mark on our growth journey. As leaders of tomorrow, we not only focus on developing our scope in innovation but also on the innate growth of our most important asset- our people. 

An Inclusive Future

The last five years of my life at Acuvate have been nothing short of incredible. I have been both an admirer and a proud player in the company’s growth. As we set out towards a brighter future, we seek to continuously grow the happiness quotient in our workplace and expand the Acuvate family.

Our future is inclusive. Our future is exciting. With our ’employee-first’ approach, we continuously strive and yearn to grow together, to become one of the best places to work.

About Jyothsna Mudunuru

Jyothsna Mudunuru

Human Resources Specialist and a People Champion at Acuvate Software Pvt Ltd. With 5+ years of experience in people and culture management. Divergent in perspective, approachable, energetic and solution oriented. I understand and bring in with me the importance of diverse culture within an organization, the value addition of employee engagement with various employee initiatives, talent identification and grooming, organization succession planning and always avid for learning.