Acuvate@15: Nurturing a Dynamic Work Culture Admin December 20, 2021

Acuvate believes in inclusivity. In the past decade and a half it has build an environment that allows employees to flourish and prosper. What makes Acuvate a great place to work is its dynamic work culture. Gender equity, flexibility, exposure to ample opportunities, and strong leadership are the cornerstones to its values that ensure a content and loyal workforce.

Gender equity: Giving all potential employees a fair chance to grow

Acuvate encourages equity, and every potential employee is given an equal opportunity to grow irrespective of age, gender, or experience. My personal journey with Acuvate, for over a decade now, has been extremely fulfilling. I embarked on my journey as an intern in HR and moved different functions to lead partner marketing today.

I have enjoyed every bit of my professional journey that saw me also grow as an individual. Juggling multiple hats while taking up HR, sales, social media marketing, business analysis, and partner marketing roles has been a learning experience. The organization has not only helped me grow professionally but has stood by me during my personal challenges. This ever-supporting attitude creates an enabling environment for women employees and gives wings to their aspirations.

Flexibility: Freedom to pursue things your way

The team is extremely supportive and you are given the freedom to explore and pursue things your way to get desired results. There are no unreasonable demands to adhere to strict hours or shifts. This allows employees to build a healthy work life balance enhancing their productivity.

Exposure: Ample opportunities to try new roles

Acuvate has always maintained pace with the market standards and has embraced innovation. This has brought in new growth opportunities for its employees. At Acuvate, you are given ample opportunities to explore new things and try your hands at multiple roles. This boosts the multi-dimensional growth of an individual and prepares them to take up new challenges.

Leadership: Aligning organizational and individual growth

The leaders at Acuvate lead from the front and motivate  each and every individual   to rise up to their potential and  move up the ladder with confidence. I must say, leadership at Acuvate is impeccable. They are great mentors and extend their support in every key decision you make. The encouragement of seniors to take up multiple and new roles based on attitude and aptitude rather than past experience allows talent to bloom. Failures are never seen as defeats, but opportunities to learn and be better. Acuvate’s business achievements are a testimony to the company’s vision and decision-making abilities of its key leaders.

Looking Forward

The organization has prospered in every aspect over the last decade and a half and continues to grow. Now, we are chasing bigger dreams, working together as a team with our clients, stakeholders, influencers and partners. New and innovative solutions are in the offing as our teams master the cutting edge of emerging technologies. These are certainly the most exciting times and we look forward to scaling greater heights.

About Neha Pallod

Neha Pallod

Neha Pallod – Self-driven, result oriented business professional with over 10 years’ experience in IT industry. A versatile dynamic woman leader playing multiple roles in Acuvate’s growth journey and currently managing Microsoft relationship globally for Acuvate enabling co-sell opportunities with Microsoft team and positioning Acuvate within Microsoft as their go-to partner.