Acuvate@15: Rising on Three Pillars of Ideation, Exploration and Innovation Admin December 20, 2021

Acuvate has always focused on innovation and explored new technologies emerging in the industry. We have come up with a wide array of offerings in alignment with market trends and to cater to customer needs and preferences. For the past decade, I have seen Acuvate adjusting and evolving in all possible ways to match industry standards. This has helped us grow organically.

People are the core of our culture. Flexibility and inclusivity drive us to realize our vision. Employees are given ample opportunities to explore various roles and grow professionally. In my personal journey at Acuvate, from being a UX manager to the Product owner, I have been encouraged to take up new roles and responsibilities. This has immensely broadened my vision and helped me evolve.

Leaders at Acuvate are true visionaries. They have been greatly instrumental in shaping the organization into what it is today. Our leaders ensure  individual goals are aligned to  organizational objectives, thus creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders. The dedication, hard work, and decisiveness of our leaders have largely contributed to where we are today and is the wind in the sail for our future expansion.

What makes Acuvate stand out in the market is our deep desire to be a true partner to our customers. Our consistent focus on innovation, exploration, and experimentation has helped the organization thrive and meet our customers halfway.

Focusing On Innovation To Match Customer Expectations

Focus on innovation and upgrading to new and advanced technologies has kept us abreast of our customer needs. For instance, we were far ahead of our competitors when we launched enterprise bots and Office 365 based Intranet solutions. The appetite for innovation has helped us make a mark as a front runner in technology ecosystem.

Innovation has also brought greater opportunities to learn and grow. I personally got the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and feel glad to be at the front-end of multiple innovations that Acuvate has been taking up in these years.

Exploring New Opportunities To Expand And Grow

The attitude to explore and venture new ideas has helped us achieve greater heights. Acuvate has always been exploring new ways to grow, be it in terms of nurturing talent, region-wise expansion, or increasing market penetration. We have been able to build a strong partner ecosystem with key alliances in the USA, UK, and UAE regions. This chartered the pathway to our global prominence.

Building Expertise Through Experimentation And Ideation

Acuvate is always open to new ideas and allows experiments to build expertise in new technologies. Challenges have never deterred us nor have trials and tribulations of the new beginnings. This has paved the way for us to be pioneers in offering some of the best solutions, be it Office 365, chatbots, analytics, or Azure services. Embracing innovation and ideation enabled us to introduce a powerful platform for enterprise chatbots called Botcore that now powers customer and employee experiences for ultra large multinational companies.

Flying High and Soaring to New Heights

Acuvate is on a growth trajectory. In the past few years, our vision has got wings and we are accelerating the pace of innovation in our people, process and technologies. I take immense pride in being a part of such a wonderful team and cherish my decade-long journey with Acuvate.

About Sareen Babu Madupu

Sareen Babu Madupu

An Innovation enthusiast who evolved by working in various roles, either it be on making creative artworks in advertising, or making most usable websites, or architecting wowing user experience of web applications and so on.. and now took ownership of taking Acuvate’s most innovative product, ‘Mesh’, to next level. Apart from the professional identity, he has an interest in various subjects like understanding business patterns, photography, nature, travel, spirituality and many more…