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Elevated Patient Experiences with
Intelligent Healthcare Solutions

Unlock greater convenience and satisfaction for patients by pioneering a new era of personalized and precise care 

Elevated Patient Experiences with Intelligent Healthcare Solutions

The demands of the modern consumer are sky high, and healthcare is no exception. Delivering exceptional patient care requires the ability to harness data, streamlining operations, and assisting healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools. Today, patients expect a personalized experience that paves the way for greater convenience, accessibility, and quality of care. This also involves providing them with greater transparency and communication throughout their healthcare journey, including clear explanations of treatment options, costs, and potential outcomes.  

Integrating new-age features like AI-powered analytics in healthcare can help address existing challenges as well as optimize the healthcare delivery processes for improved outcomes. Forward thinking organizations are already implementing analytics solutions to streamline their operations, improve decision making via data-driven insights, and ensure professionals have all the tools they need to provide exceptional care. There’s a reason that by 2030, the AI in the healthcare market is projected to reach a staggering $188 billion.

At the forefront of this innovation, Acuvate’s intuitive solutions empower healthcare providers to deliver on the promise of efficient, patient-centered care experiences, enabling individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Our robust platform leverages advanced technologies like cloud computing, AI, and analytics to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.

Get inspired: Acuvate innovations in healthcare

Revolutionizing Perioperative Care

Discover how a leading healthcare provider in the UK gained a comprehensive view of their patients from day of surgery till discharge for reduced complications and improved patient care and satisfaction

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80% Accuracy in Cataract Detection

One of the UK’s busiest ophthalmology units across the NHS attending 500 cases per day witnessed a 75% decrease in case disposal times and unlocked up to 90% accuracy in cataract detection.

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Turning Clinical Data into Actionable Insights

Explore how a global healthcare provider unlocked swift data retrieval and faster turnaround times by harnessing Acuvate’s Gen-AI powered assistant.

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Introducing Acuvate’s visionary AI and data-backed healthcare solutions

ERAS AI Compliance Solution

Healthcare professionals can now transform surgical care pathways with Acuvate’s ERAS Compliance Solution. Our innovative platform optimizes perioperative processes, ensuring adherence to evidence-based ERAS protocols. By streamlining workflows and real-time monitoring, we prioritize patient safety and clinical excellence. The solution enables workers to focus on individual patient needs, paving the way for a patient-centered approach to care delivery.

Key Features

Standardization of Care Processes by implementing evidence-based ERAS protocols for standardized perioperative care pathways.

Real-time Compliance Monitoring with alerts for deviations and swift corrective actions. 

Swift and hassle-free integration with EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems.

Expected Impact

Reduction in length of stay 

Reduced re-admissions by up to 20%

Faster Recovery with up to 30% of patients discharged before pathway completion

Improved patient care & decrease in complications 

Ophthalmic Assessment Digital Assistant

Acuvate’s AI-powered ophthalmology solution unlocks patient care experiences via frictionless initial examination processes, streamlined follow-up case management, and timely delivery of high-quality patient care. The innovative solution leverages AI to drastically reduce the time spent during the initial examinations by allowing clinicians to focus on specific anatomical aspects of the eye. 

Key Features

Automated assistance with Slit-Lamp video examinations by leveraging computer vision technology.

Extraction of critical eye parameters including cataract pseudophakic lens, sclera details, and retina details.

Consistent and precise interpretation of patient eye parameters, reducing discrepancies and enhancing diagnostic reliability. 

Expected Impact

reduction in case disposal time

Increased QoS through quantification of eye parameters

Decrease in misinterpretation during initial analyses 

Liver Resection Process Automation

This AI-powered solution from Acuvate’s tech stack transforms liver resections via a wide range of capabilities- dynamic patient tracking, streamlined communication, and unified patient readiness assessment. Clinicians receive a holistic view of patient status in real-time, allowing them to make rapid anatomical changes and enhance patient outcomes even in unpredictable situations.

Key Features

Mobile-first solution for clinicians on the go to access vital patient data at any time and from anywhere.

Integration of real-time data from hospital systems, including EHR, PICS and labs, ensuring frictionless access to patient information.

Intuitive and interactive dashboard with pre-defined stages and holistic view of patient’s data for actionable insights and informed decision making.

Expected Impact

reduction in surgical delays through enhanced coordination among MDTs 

decrease in surgical complications  

improvement in patient outcomes  

GenAI Patient Listing App

Revolutionizing transplant patient care, our robust GenAI solution simplifies the management of patient schedules, enabling the effortless monitoring and tracking of all appointments. Leveraging its GenAI capabilities, the solution offers pre-created schedules that adhere to department specific templates, enabling clinicians to modify schedules based on patient needs.  

Key Features

Gen-AI based patient schedules interpretation

Advanced AI analytics to predict and prevent missed appointments

Automated notifications sent to patients for all scheduled appointments. 

Expected Impact

reduction in missed appointments

increase in patient schedule compliance  

improvement in hospital efficiency

Dental GenAI Assistant

Acuvate’s robust Dental Assistant utilizes Google Cloud’s healthcare services to provide comprehensive analysis of dental radiographs, including panoramic x-rays. Our digital bot excels in detecting conditions, diseases and treatment possibilities from radiographs. The solution also converts case sheets and notes into actionable insights.  

Key Features

Advanced AI analytics for tasks such as image segmentation and pattern recognition, analyzing variations in shape and density.

Google Cloud Healthcare API, Gemini, and GCP NLP services to extract actionable insights from clinical history, conditions, comorbidities, medications, vitals, and more. 

Predictive modeling and temporal analysis on integrated multimodal data (combining information from radiographs and text insights) to predict future conditions and disease progression.  

Expected Impact

Increased efficiency and time savings via automation of radiograph analysis and organization of unstructured notes 

Enhanced accuracy and reduced risk of oversight via AI-powered analysis that ensures consistent and thorough examination  

Improved patient care and personalized treatment plans via comprehensive insights for better patient outcomes.   

Revenue Cycle Management

Acuvate’s comprehensive solution elevates revenue lifecycle management for healthcare enterprises. From patient registration to AR management, the solution leverages AI analytics and RPA for frictionless optimal revenue capture and reimbursement at every step. Our smart digital assistant supports clinicians with accurate and compliant coding, reducing coding errors.  

Key Features

Automated insurance verification via automated workflows for reduced manual errors, and insurance eligibility prediction for proactive patient communication.

Payor narrative generation for hassle-free timely claim submissions for increasing transparency and optimizing reimbursement rates.

Automated reconciliation and payment anomaly detection for improved accuracy and prompt resolution of anomalies to prevent revenue leakage.

Expected Impact

accuracy in code assignment, reducing coding errors 

accuracy in reconciliation process, reducing disputes and discrepancies

reduction in data entry errors during patient registration and scheduling  

Fast-track your journey towards healthcare excellence today with Acuvate’s visionary solutions. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare and delivering exceptional patient care every step of the way.

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