The Intelligent Guide to solving your intranet adoption issues Admin December 10, 2019


Since the launch of the world’s first intranet – intranet genie, intranets have undergone radical changes. They have essentially revolutionized internal communications of an organization.

However with time, organizations have failed to realize the full potential of an intranet.

Most employees today still remain unimpressed with the functioning of an intranet. The reasons could be many i.e lack of proper understanding, personalization, essential features etc.

This guide is written with an aim to help you chalk out a robust intranet strategy, in order to:

  • Maximize adoption.
  • Enhance engagement and collaboration.
  • Build a powerful measurement system and create an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Notch up the intranet’s productivity and expand the user base by adding an element of intelligence.

We also wish to introduce the tools that can help you get optimum output from your portal. This guide paves an easy to navigate path so you can take your portal to a higher intelligibility.

We have compiled a nearly exhaustive list of actionable ideas that can be put into force immediately for a relevant and fruitful intranet portal implementation & adoption.

The intelligent Guide to solving your intranet adoption issues

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