Delivering Public Safety and Environmental Sustainability with Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Interventions Admin June 30, 2022

Delivering Public Safety and Environmental Sustainability with Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Interventions

Protecting public health and maintaining sustainable environmental ecosystem are core goals of government entities around the world.

Traditional methods of public services do not bear the expected results, thanks to manual work, paper-led bureaucracy, and human errors. In a data-driven world, it becomes crucial to leverage new-age datasets to ensure citizen safekeeping and environmental sustainability.  

Take the example of a public entity in a global metropolitan city. The institution is responsible for ensuring the city’s safe water supply as well as reducing air, noise and hazardous materials pollution. The government department also oversees the use of asbestos in construction sites to ensure its safe and controlled implementation.

However, on the road to seamless maintenance of public and environmental welfare, they stumbled upon a few roadblocks:

  • People were illegally modifying their vehicle mufflers, creating excessive noise
  • Motor ignition of idling vehicles was frequently turned on for more than three minutes, causing air and noise pollution
  • Instances of fake certification led to non-authorized individuals overseeing the use of asbestos, affecting safety standards at construction sites

So, how do public sector organizations make the most of rich-data and insights and accelerate digital transformation to address roadblocks like the ones listed above?

Acuvate’s State-Of-The-Art AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain Solutions Accelerated Digital Transformation for Global Metropolis Department

The organization produces 1.1 billion US gallons of water each day for nine million+ residents and manages air and noise pollution along with overseeing asbestos monitoring. With Acuvate’s innovative tech-led solution, the department was able to automate penalizing violators, resolve citizen complaints quicker, enhance transparency in asbestos certification, and save up to $12.5 million/year.

Become a data-intelligent public services organization, overcome redundancies, save crucial time and enhance productivity to stay ahead of public expectations.

Now, validate sensitive information, fast-track the verification process, identify violators and more at the click of a button. What are you waiting for?