Achieve Maximum Sustainability with Acuvate’s State-Of-The-Art Data & Sustainability Solutions Admin February 11, 2022

Achieve Maximum Sustainability with Acuvate’s State-Of-The-Art Data & Sustainability Solutions

Maintaining a single network thread is crucial to achieving sustainability and a zero-waste agenda goal. Organizations around the globe are committing to net-zero emission. Sustainability is a key goal, and Acuvate is here to help organizations meet this agenda. Optimization of throughput and utilization in line with an organization's sustainability goals is the key to accelerating towards zero waste results. However, crucial steps such as monitoring and improving OEE at its manufacturing units can be tedious, often leading to delays.

So, how can you achieve your sustainability goals with increased output reliability?

Acuvate's Digital Factory and Digital Supply Chain Solutions are state-of-the-art, end-to-end data solutions with reports built-in power BI. Now get an overview and in-depth analysis of OEE loss, OEE loss classification, labour productivity, output reliability and much more!

A Global FMCG Major with over 400 Brands and Presence in 190+ Countries Achieves Strong Sustainability Results as Partners of Acuvate.

With our Digital Factory and Digital Supply Chain Solutions, the FMCG Conglomerate witnessed an 8% increase in output reliability, 20% increase in OEE for several manufacturing units and saving up to 4000+ person-hours per month with automated reporting.

The self-serve data model automates end-to-end data capturing process with no human intervention, reducing delays and room for error.   

Strong Sustainability Results
View output reliability in near real-time and remediate as required with the click of a button. Optimize labour productivity, efficiency and predict material
wastage with a new-age technology stack:

Power BI



Azure Analysis services

azure SQL

Azure SQL

azure iot hub

Azure IoT Hub

Enhance industrial-resource productivity and help your company steer fast on the path to sustainability.
Align your brand values and take a giant leap towards meeting the zero waste and sustainability goals.

So, what are you waiting for?