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Deliver Quality AI-based Assistance Throughout Employee Life Cycle

Conversational AI Platform for Enhanced Employee Experience

Change is the only constant.

At Acuvate, we thrive by bringing change for the better with our ‘Innovation by Design’ approach. Organizational and management communication have evolved consistently over years, and have gone through drastic change as work from home became the new normal.

Employees reaching out to individual departments for routine tasks such as applying for leave, managing work travel, IT queries among others generally include high-level of manual intervention and time-cost. With employee information scattered across silos and digital channels, optimizing operational costs becomes a tedious task for many organizations and workforce productivity often takes a hit.

Most organizations have separate bots to manage conversations and queries across HR, accounts, IT departments among others. But with Acuvate’s Botcore, you now have a unified bot that saves cost and effort. Your employees no longer need to check multiple portals or bots to get the information they need.


“Botcore Equips a British multinational consumer goods company with enhanced employee experience”

Botcore is an accelerator, an all-encompassing chatbot assisting organizations with routine tasks throughout the employee life-cycle. Seamless interaction across various organizational channels gives way to an enhanced employee experience. Powered with machine learning and NLP, employees can interact both in Natural Language and office jargons in the Botcore platform.

Case Study
“Botcore Equips a British multinational consumer goods company with enhanced employee experience”
Understand employee intent, from simple to complex tasks with conversational, multilingual, real-time and highly trained bots.

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