Partner with Acuvate To Leverage Conversational AI for Exceptional Consumer Experience Admin April 28, 2022

Partner with Acuvate To Leverage Conversational AI for Exceptional Consumer Experience

Your SRE team is responsible for ensuring the availability of multiple critical applications. The applications are constantly monitored, and the tickets are logged in numerous ITSM tools.
However, many organizations still rely on multiple third-party apps for monitoring and query resolution. Resolution is often manual, resulting in a lot of time spent creating different reports. In addition, the use of multiple sources for logging issues is prone to data losses.

So, how can you overcome data precarity and provide an exceptional experience to your SRE team and to your consumers?

Acuvate's Site Reliability Engineering Bot is a futuristic solution delivering quick, dynamic reports and extensive monitoring. Now, protect yourself from the hassle of manual reporting, reduce costs and resolve queries faster. With real-time insights, analyze user feedback along with their purchase journey and deliver consistent customer delight.

Acuvate Empowers Global Technology Corporation with Advanced Site Reliability Bot for Improved Customer Experience

A leading global technology corporation involved in designing, manufacturing and developing PC and PC-related products enhanced operational efficiency multi-fold, accessed region-specific data on sale, stocks, margins and more in real-time, delivered exceptional customer experiences and saved approximately 35-40 minutes per report.

Bot for Improved Customer Experience
Integrate MS Teams and new data sources seamlessly to deliver intelligent results. The NLP framework empowers you to easily access information the information you need.

Secure any sensitive or confidential information with a role-based access feature for enhanced security. Understand customer behavior with real-time data and stay ahead of their expectations.

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