Optimize Diesel Utilization with Acuvate’s IOT Solution Admin March 7, 2022

Optimize Diesel Utilization with Acuvate’s IOT Solution

An always-on network is essential to a well-oiled telecom organization with multiple towers spread across regions. For this, telecom services rely heavily on diesel to ensure the smooth functioning of generators running the mobile towers. 

However, traditional generators are not equipped with advanced features, often leading to wastage and pilferage of fuel.

Acuvate's IoT Solution puts in place smart sensors to optimize your operational chain. With access to real-time data analytics, now integrate the sensor data from the generator with IT solutions to get insights related to diesel consumption. The next-gen solution allows you to re-invent traditional generators and make them more intuitive, providing interactive data patterns and integrating data across thousands of towers.

A Telecom Giant Saves a Million Dollars by Activating Acuvate's Cutting-Edge IoT Solution to Address Diesel Wastage and Pilferage

The dominant telecom player with presence in 170+ countries optimized diesel utilization with Acuvate’s high-performing IoT solution, witnessing enhanced operational efficiency, real-time monitoring of diesel consumption and saved up to 1.5 million USD within the first year. 

iot Telecom Diesel Wastag

With Acuvate's state-of-the-art IoT solution, now monitor diesel levels, prevent potential misuse of generators and get real-time insights into efficient usage and pilferage-proof functioning. 

Identify incidents of misappropriation and possible over-charging for diesel with efficient surveillance. Now get ready for the next-gen smart generators collecting, compiling and sharing critical data points.

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