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The Road to IT Modernization

World has changed drastically over the last year and businesses cannot afford to work in the same old ways. Legacy environments were not designed for remote operations, unprecedented business demands and initiatives. They cannot capitalize on the new technologies or deliver the efficiency and agility that are needed for an enterprise to survive and thrive in such uncertain times. To be resilient and to keep pace with customers & competitors, enterprises MUST modernize their IT. Modernization enables enterprises to gain business intelligence from their own data, build cloud native apps, collaborate better and much more, by migrating to cloud and using new technologies.

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IT modernization includes migrating and modernizing various components of the IT environment. To reap the benefits of modernization, enterprises need to come up with a holistic approach and plan their modernization journey carefully.

The Three Key Components of IT Modernization

Components of IT Modernization V2
Acuvate helps enterprises in migrating and modernizing their IT environment – Infra, Data, Applications and Workplace. Based on your business needs, immediate or long-term modernization goals, we provide end-to-end incremental or piecemeal modernization services.

Acuvate’s It Modernization Platform

Acuvate’s It Modernization Platform

Acuvate’s IT Modernization Platform is a set of AL/ML based accelerators, solutions, frameworks that can support you at every or any stage of your IT landscape Modernization journey, so that you stay relevant, resilient & ready for market.

Key components of IT modernization

Data Modernization

Having a modern data estate is the first and foremost requirement for digital transformation. The key to success in today’s data-driven world is data. Right (data+insights) = Right Decisions

We can help with assessment, migration, BI modernization and reports migration

  • Assessment ServicesUnderstand the existing data estate. Determine the gaps in governance, security. Define strategy, architecture and roadmap
  • Database Migration On-premises & AzureMigrate schema and data from disparate data sources (on-premise/cloud) to Azure cloud. Perform data validation, Monitor, analyze, optimize performance & cost.
  • Business Intelligence Modernization Lift and Shift the existing BI system to the cloud with data ops and rearchitect to democratize data. Build or Rebuild end to end data fabric to modernize enterprise data estate. Setting up data governance mechanism to monitor and manage data quality.
  • Reports MigrationIdentify gaps in the current reporting environment. Uncover and remediate data quality issues. Rationalize reports and dashboards to remove redundancy

Application Modernization

The demand side of the business landscape is increasingly under pressure to meet the market’s changing needs, enhance value, and become more agile. Today’s modern enterprises need modern applications to Innovate. Scale. Drive growth.

We can help migrate, modernize, build, maintain & manage apps

  • Application Assessment ServicesAnalyze existing IT landscapes, determine scope, architecture, assess security & risks, and define roadmap
  • Application Migration ServicesRehost legacy applications or migrate apps to Azure cloud
  • Application Modernization Services Refactor or Rearchitect legacy applications using DevOps & CI/CD processes, containers & serverless approaches
  • Cloud Native Application Development Rebuild or build new apps (in case of Replace) using Microservices and cloud native capabilities

Workplace Modernization

Transforming the workplace experience requires a holistic strategy. Be it migrating content, upgrading SharePoint, or building new apps, migrating and modernizing your workplace environments in a planned and phased manner can improve accessibility, productivity, collaboration and security.

We can help with SharePoint migrations as well as modernize using Power Platform and Teams App

  • Assessment ServicesIdentify business problems & risks, analyze existing environments and provide recommendations for migration
  • SharePoint MigrationSet up target systems, validate & prepare source content, recommend exclusions, migrate content to cloud, verify results
  • Building Apps using Power platform and Teams Create custom AI & AR enabled apps & portals, build chatbots or power virtual agents, SOP analysis, Workflow automation, Attended & Unattended RPA, Enterprise Analytics, build employee utility apps for Wellness tracking, Office space management, Vaccination & Visitor management, etc. 

Our AI Accelerators

Optimum 120px

Acuvate’s in-house migration and governance solution, simplifies, expedites, and automates the migration process and ensures successful migration with high accuracy. Optimum is scalable and can support large data & content migrations. It also supports a wide range of data sources including on-premises/open-source/cloud.

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Acuvate’s Appcelerate is an AI-powered solution helps organizations migrate, modernize, build & deploy business-critical applications quickly and safely. Appcelerate migrates applications at speed, enhances collaboration, improves efficiency & productivity

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Acuvate’s ACO helps in monitoring cloud resources, optimizing cloud costs and eliminating unused resources. With ACO, detect anomalies, gain insights on forecasts & budgets, get proactive notifications & actionable recommendations, and save your cloud costs by 30%.

Our Differentiators

Microsoft 365 Implementations
Data Analytics & Power BI Implementations
100 TB
Content Migrated
M365 & Certified Experts
Cloud/Azure Experts
IT Modernization platform
An Information & Data Migration solution
Appcelerate Assesses, Recommends, Automates & Accelerates App Migration & Modernization
Helps Save up to 30% on Cloud Costs
Automated, Transparent & Predictable Migration
Robust & Proven
Migration Framework
Near ZERO downtime migrations
Faster time to Market
proactive monitoring and support
Self service
Reporting systems
Code-Pattern Book, Best Practices from previous implementations
Automated Provision & Deprovision of Cloud Resources
Automated setup of CI/CD pipeline to enable DevOps
Robust Data Validation with multi-level testing
Governance model to monitor Azure resources & setup approval mechanisms
AI powered Issue Detection
No external licensed products used
Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE)

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