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Let Acuvate be your on-demand IT task force.

As a technology company, we understand your most innovative projects and your needs, which is why we are a perfect partner when it comes to building high-performing teams. Our professionals offer the right skill-set, experience, and advice.

Select the right experts with deep domain and industry expertise from our pool of 400+ talented resources and onboard talent in just a few weeks.

About Acuvate


15 years of IT industry experience

Local presence in the UK/EU

400+ Pre-trained & experienced staff

6-8 weeks lead time to deploy resources

Cost-effective & flexible engagement models

Individual resources or dedicated team

Open-ended or fixed projects

Scale-up or down resources

Avoid Visa processing hassles

Strong technology expertise

Deep domain & industry expertise

Proven Experience in IT Services

Our Pool of Technology Skills

How Acuvate Staffing Works

How We Build Our Team

Just in time talent for all your IT resourcing needs.

About Acuvate

We can help you set up your own Software Engineering Team within just six
weeks and reduce the total cost of your software development project while
accelerating time-to-market! 

Individual Resources

Skilled, certified expert(s)
Scalable resources
Technical Expertise
Cost effective

Dedicated Team

Dedicated certified resources
For projects large & small
Domain Experience
Cost effective

How Acuvate Staffing Works

Developers who can design/develop applications and solutions using SharePoint Online & Azure).

Our experts can help in the implementation, integration, configuration, upgrade, and maintenance of Sharepoint Apps.

You get self-motivated and self-sufficient professionals that

Developers who can design/develop for the Microsoft Power BI platform.

Our experts can build engaging and intuitive dashboards, business intelligence capabilities and reports, transforming raw data into useful insights.

You get analytical experts with immense expertise with domain knowledge that need minimal supervision to get the job done.

Developers who can design/develop apps based on chatbot frameworks.

Our chatbot developers have in-depth experience building platforms for conversational AI that leverages NLP and cutting-edge methodologies.

You get experts with
knowledge of cloud-based
technologies with experience
in implementing them at
large organizations.

Developers who can
design/develop apps and
services based on the .Net

Our specialists have
considerable experience
architecting.Net and
Azure-based solutions. They
are specialists in
cutting-edge methodologies
such as agile and lean.

You get creative innovators
that find solutions to
complex problems and
enable you to build services
and products that exceed
client expectations.

Enhance your delivery team with top tier experts.

Why work with Acuvate

Save time

Access the most in-demand skills and reduce your time to deploy a team from months to just six weeks.

Get experienced talent

Work with some of the most highly skilled developers in the industry, who have experience with agile and successfully delivered projects globally.

Maintain complete control

Manage your extended team, we help staff your team, immerse it in your corporate environment, evaluate performance, scale, and establish communication..

Access to subject matter experts

Get just in time expertise or advice from our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Acuvate has extensive experience in a broad range of domains and several experts in any development platform you can imagine. Especially in the Microsoft ecosystem.

400 expert strong talent pool

Benefit from mature resources that can take your projects to the next level. We have decades of experience delivering cutting edge projects to clients worldwide.

Over a decade of experience

We have been delivering IT services across complex domains on Microsoft based platforms through changing paradigms. We bring both domain expertise and hard earned industry experience to the table. Our expert talent pool can enhance any team at any level.

Just in time talent - for all your IT team resourcing needs

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