Trends For CPG Companies In 2019 Admin December 25, 2021

Due to the emergence of new players, the CPG business has become extremely competitive. In this podcast, our CEO, Rakesh Reddy shares some key business and technology trends CPG companies should watch for in 2019. We’ll also talk about some major challenges affecting various CPG departments, the role of AI and Big Data, trade promotion optimization and so much more!

Listen to this podcast to get answers for the following questions.

a) Having worked with various global CPG clients, what are your key observations and learnings in 2018?

b) What are the top 5 reasons why CPG companies should focus on AI and data-driven initiatives?

c) What are some key challenges for CPG companies in leveraging AI and predictive analytics? How is the situation going to change in 2019?

d) How can AI-powered technologies like Acuvate’s Compass help in increasing revenue?

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