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Enterprise Virtual Assistants

A world of virtual enterprise assistants automating repetitive tasks, consequently,
freeing up time for more productive work.

Leveraging the constellation of technologies under the AI umbrella, our enterprise chatbot builder platform “BotCore” is driving automation in enterprises – by designing, building, training, launching customized conversational chatbots. Our virtual enterprise agents have proved their mettle in delivering higher ROI, increase in efficiency at some of the renowned fortune companies across the globe.

B2E Assistants
B2E Assistants

B2E chatbots automate repetitive tasks of the employees freeing them for some productive work. Besides providing employees with one to one personalized conversational experiences in the process of resolving their queries, chatbots also have an additional arm of blending perfectly with LoB applications enhancing their accessibility and adoption.

B2C Assistant
B2C Assistants

Consumer-facing chatbots not only answers to frequent consumer queries but also have the mettle to facilitate diagnostic and recommendation based conversational experience for end-users. Based on ML-based recommendations, these chatbots capture the profile and need of the consumer to tailor recommendations and information subsequently.

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Meet Our Top Performing Chatbots

Our BOTS have not only got the best in class mentorship during training, but they have been deployed by industry leaders across the world. Acuvate is proud to have bots, who have had associations with top notch organizations. Our genre of clients is versatile and ranges from one of the largest FMCG company in the UK to a huge oil industry company.


Hey ! I’m your Sales Intelligent Assistant. I am well equipped with all the information your sales team needs. My alerting mechanism has amplified sales productivity.

Here is a peek at my qualifications:

  • Can ingest data from various LOB systems such as ERP, CRM to analyze and generate key information.
  • Send alerts to sales personnel about MSL, OTIF, and KPIs etc.
  • Converses fluently in natural languages.
  • 24×7 availability.
IT Helpdesk bot

Hi ! I’m a new member of the IT support team helping colleagues with support requests and quick resolutions. I’m available 24 x 7 and a tireless member armed with insights. I can shake hands perfectly with ServiceNow, FreshDesk, JIRA, etc.

Here is a peek at my qualifications:

  • L1 helpdesk troubleshooting.
  • Providing information regarding critical downtimes/ updates.
  • Generation and effective follow up on IT tickets.
  • IT Task automation.
Mesh bot

Hey! I’m your SharePoint Intranet Bot. I am the perfect adoption driver to your Intranet. You can create a personalised, conversation driven and powerful interface to your Intranet.

Here is a peek at my qualifications:

  • Can push relevant and important content as personalised conversations.
  • Can provide self-service experience.
  • Keeps employees up to date with latest events.
  • Creates a personalised, conversation driven and powerful interface to your intranet.

Hi ! I help your legal teams with eDiscovery, case related info and other areas and amplified team performance.

Here is a peek at my qualifications:

  • e-Discovery Specialist.
  • Organization of case-related information.
  • Amplified team performance.

Hi ! I’m a B2B service Bot. I’m well trained in a variety of scenarios to improve your customer/ partner satisfaction and retention in your customer service function.

Here is a peek at my qualifications:

  • B2B specialist.
  • Increase customer/ partner satisfaction.
  • Better customer retention.

HI! I’m Buddy 365. An AI chatbot that helps Office 365 adoption by personalising the experience for each user.

Here is a peek at my qualifications:

  • e-Discovery Specialist.
  • Organization of case-related information.
  • Amplified team performance.

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