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Give your customers the satisfaction of instant response and faster resolution. We build bots that can elevate your customer as well as employee experience.. With us, learn how to harness your AI-powered bots in more exciting and strategic ways than using them as mere customer support tools.

Acuvate has been helping enterprises unlock the true potential of intelligent and automated conversationalists at scale, for a wide range of use cases and bridge the gap between organizations and their consumers and internal resources in unique and innovative ways making bots a powerful tool for sales and marketing.


customer satisfaction in
shopping experience




reduction in cases
to a live agent

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200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

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What Makes Us a Trusted Chatbots & Automation partner for Enterprises

25 person-years

in research, design & development of AI/ML apps and chatbot development

Homegrown AI & ML
based accelerators with IP rights
AI powered chatbots delivered
Proven expertise

in setting up Chatbots Center of
Excellence (CoE)

Chatbots & Automation Solutions for Every Business

Employee Experience

Automate human support and simplify day-to-day activities with BotCore, Acuvate’s award-winning enterprise bot building platform that helps in building employee experience chatbots for every need, be it HR, IT, business intelligence, or intranet.

We offer:

  • Employee support chatbot
  • Aggregator bot
  • Prebuilt bots for HR, IT, Travel, Finance
  • Chatbot adoption & Analytics
  • EX Bot platform
Data Experience
Take the guesswork out of your data sourcing strategy with our Data Experience solutions. Whether you need help in combining data from different sources, creating, maintaining and retrieving data from different databases, and integrating all data into a data lake to create a robust data strategy, Acuvate has the right solution for every data experience need.

We offer:

  • Data interrogation
  • Language to Query
  • Data Model Ingestion
  • Report view in chat
Customer Experience
We combine the power of AI and automation to offer you fast, engaging and cost-effective CX chatbots that not only humanize the experience but also get valuable feedback from customers. With us, build CX bots that deliver, simplify questioning, solve queries in multiple languages, across different platforms, and more.

We offer:

  • Customer support bots
  • Brand awareness & loyalty bots
  • Product search & recommendation
  • Supplier/ Vendor support bots
  • CX Bot platform
Give your brand a voice that your customers will reckon with. Harness our programmable voice automation solutions to augment your brand personality and for a range of services from receiving payments to driving brilliant customer experiences. Our automated solutions are designed to take care of every enterprise voice need.

We offer:

  • Voice apps
  • Voice enabled bots
  • Speech Transcription
  • Alexa & Google integration
  • Contact center automation
Unleash the transformative power of RPA to overcome every operational and technical vulnerability while reducing human errors and building the capability to handle critical yet time-consuming issues in the most efficient way. Acuvate’s future-ready RPA services are designed to help enterprises achieve accuracy, consistency, speed, productivity, reliability, and more.

We offer:

  • Data interrogation
  • Language to Query
  • Data Model Ingestion
  • Report view in chat

What we believe in


To relate is to understand, make connections, and identify with. We strive to understand our clients unique stories and vision as a Digital Agency. We combine our experience and creativity to produce simple, seamless and enjoyable experiences to your customers through AI enabled Chatbots.


To make something simple is not always easy, as it requires a complete understanding & right tools. Acuvate uses their Conversational AI Platform called BotCore. BotCore is an AI powered unified chatbot builder accelerator and toolset using which enterprises can easily train and deploy chatbots.

Deliver Value

Every story is unique, and we’re interested in understanding and telling yours effectively. We combine wisdom and technology, experience and creativity, in order to realise your vision and tell your unique story.

How Can We Help You


Consulting Services

Improve responsiveness, accelerate the development and get configurable solutions with our on-demand chatbot & automation advisory services to drive business value and outcomes.


Center of Excellence

Leverage our CoE as it’s designed to drive consistency and best practices across the deployment phases by assembling our business and technical skills.


Persona & Content Development

The key to a successful chatbot development lies in understanding the buyer persona and creating the right content for it and good news is we are here to help you in both.


Conversation Design

We help you determine the proper tone for the audience and context, diagram the conversation flows, and visualize actual conversations.


Support Services

We support and ensure chatbot performance by constantly monitoring, reviewing and improving conversations and ensuring the bots are up and running backed by SLAs.


Reporting & Analytics

Get the latest reports and analysis, and the most valuable insights right from on chatbot adoption, automation results, on our dashboards as we never stop improving your bot companion for better outcomes.

Our Approach to Enterprise AI


BotCore is an accelerator that enables organizations to train, build & launch customized conversational bots powered by artificial intelligence. Using “Cognitive Abstraction” it can leverage any AI service available today and will scale for future services. 

BotCore has support for no-code, low-code & pro-code bot building. Today, BotCore powers chatbots at several Fortune 100 & large enterprises. 

BotCore is a Microsoft Preferred Co-Sell ready solution.

why botcore

Key Features of the Most Complete Conversational AI platform

Natural language processing with self-learning ability

Easy integrations with workplace/3rd party tools

Seamless handover to service desk agents

Enterprise grade security and ISO/GDPR compliance

Low-code, drag and drop response builder



Easy training and


A Unified enterprise bot with skills across functions

Guided conversations to help users navigate

Real-time notifications/alerts that keeps users posted 24x7

Bot Development Lifecycle: Our Approach to building awesome chatbots

Ready to explore Enterprise Chatbots & Automation Solutions

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