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Every day, many applications are being conceptualized and developed in various organizations. The common goal of such developments being optimization of workflow, greater productivity and collaboration. From conceptualization to deployment, it is not an easy task to keep track of your applications. Even after the deployment it requires further assistance such as support and migration. We are a one stop shop for all your application lifecycle management needs including Design, User Experience, Development, Testing, Deployment, Support and Migration.

Application Lifecycle Management Services

Architectural Consulting

This service helps clients architect their solutions right. Whether it is to do with single sign-on, ERP surround or application modernization, we do it all.

User Experience Enhancement

Our UX services focus on enhancing look N feel of existing portals, converting them into Responsive or Brand aligning portals.

Migration & Modernization

We specialize in migrating legacy applications to a latest one, both on premise and on cloud. It isnt about just lift and shift , we master the art of lift modernize and shift too.

Product Development

Development services on Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft platforms such as BIRST and QLIK are offered in an offshore development model

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200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

Case Studies



Existing ESS Application user experience enhanced with the help of HTML 5

The media firm wanted to enhance the user experience of their employee self-service applications to align it with their brand guidelines and also make it accessible on multiple devices such as phone, tablets and laptops. With Acuvate’s HTML5 services the application was updated as per customers UI needs and had become responsive on all mobile devices.

Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery Implemented using
SharePoint 2007

The leading LPG producer wanted to implement DR system for their existing SharePoint 2007 application. The major objective was to replicate the SharePoint 2007 application and make the DR application available always in read only mode for fault tolerance in production server. SharePoint production environment DR set-up were in two different cities, Active Directory and Additional Domain controller servers are in replication with two data centers and the production SharePoint has one WFE and Application Server and one Database Server. In the same way the DR mechanism has been implemented to match the production server architecture. Communication between the Production and DR site is done over the MPLS/Leased line, using the same communication channel by Acuvate.


Migration from SharePoint 2010 to
SharePoint 2013

This manufacturing firm wanted to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Migration of various applications as well as content was done as part of this project. Acuvate with its expertise and services help clients to migrate to the latest platform.

HR Department


End to end HRIS built using .Net to cater to HR Department of any Industry

A product firm setup by the experts from the industry were looking at developing an HRIS system as a product to cater to HR Departments of various industries. All Activities from development to support of this product was carried out by Acuvate.

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