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Data Migration & Modernization Services

Experience the Full Power of Your Data


In today’s data-driven world, businesses need the right technology to gain actionable insights from their data to make rapid innovation, deploy faster and enhance employee and customer experience. This can only be achieved by tapping into the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions and migrating their data landscape to the cloud. I70% of organizations around the world believe that data is only going to become more critical in the years to come. 

Acuvate can help you accelerate and simplify this journey. Our Data migration and modernization services ensure your enterprise can harness the full potential of your data on cloud to make the right decisions. By leveraging our services and accelerators, you can experience improved data quality, real-time insights, reduced operational expenses, business continuity, and much more. We combine deep technical and leadership expertise into our data migration and modernisation service offering augmenting it with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that makes your data work for you, thus transforming your business into a data driven enterprise..

Hurdles That We Help You Overcome

Source Data Complexity

Multiple legacy systems at source and poor understanding of data and their dependencies

High Costs

Expensive upfront hardware and software costs.

Data Loss or Corruption

Risk of losing or corrupting business-critical data during migration.

Securing Data & Systems

Security threats or data leak/access by unauthorized users.

Acuvate’s Impact

Data Migration & Modernization Benefits

Simplified administration

Reduced cost

Higher scalability and availability

Advanced security

From Database Diagnostic Services To Disaster Recovery & High Availability, Self-Service BI To
Consulting, Know More About Our Analytics & Database Services

How We Can Help You

Migration & Modernization

Bid adieu to legacy data challenges with Acuvate’s innovative tools and fail-proof data migration and modernization roadmap.

In today’s data-driven modern enterprise you need the right data & right insights to make the right decisions. Our assessment services empower you to understand your data migration and modernization needs comprehensively.

Old unsustainable databases are the bane of businesses today. Our AI-driven accelerators enable seamless migration and modernization. Begin your digital transformation journey with our Legacy data workload to cloud migration services.

Insight-driven enterprises need enriched data for real-time decision-making now. Embrace Acuvate’s Business Intelligence Modernization Services to take your BI to the next level.

Unreadable or inaccessible reports slow down your decision-making prowess. Empower your business with modern reports that convey your information using our Report Migration and modernisation Services.

Visualization & Reporting Services

Leverage our interactive dashboards and reporting services to unlock the true value of your enterprise data.

Your business needs in-depth domain knowledge to extract insights from enterprise data. Our track record of planning and execution set us apart as a Power BI implementation partner.

From easy-to-use point-and-click interfaces to expert systems, we are leaders in combining usability with user experience design. Combining analytical, creative, and technical skills, our UI/UX Design services deliver intuitive and fluid interfaces.

Build custom interfaces to manipulate data and services with our help using Acuvate’s business-driven knowledge and experience. Take your bespoke software application interfaces to the next level with our Custom Visual Development Services.

Data is nothing without proper presentation. Make indecipherable reports a problem from the past. Get stunning reports that transform data into insights and wisdom to enhance decision-making with Acuvate’s Report Factory model.

Advanced Analytics

Achieve faster and better ROI on your data and get ready to be a leader in this cloud economy with our proven data models.

Insights-driven organizations need to speed up the pace when it comes to understanding data at scale. Our Machine Learning driven Advanced Analytics can make your analytics more powerful, insightful and fast.

Predict your business outcomes with higher accuracy and plan your strategic actions based on internal and external data combinations augmented with machine learning based predictive analytics.

Change the way your business works with the power of prescriptive analytics for enhanced operational efficiency across your business with our Prescriptive Analytics.

Leverage the power of Natural Language processing and analysis (NLP) to garner insights from text data across your business with Acuvates Text Analytics.

Data Modeling & Governance

Make the right decision at the right time and guarantee desired business outcomes with our transformative data management services.

Assimilate different types of data and transform them for business needs. Model data based on industry-standard schemas and formats to enable faster processing and enhanced compatibility and usability.

Enable a single version of truth for your enterprise data catalog. Leverage cloud-scale data management and warehousing using our Data Lake and Data Warehousing.

Enable quality assurance for your data with a complete audit trail and versioning. Ensure precise insights with our high fidelity Data Quality offering.

Manage data across your enterprise and enable data governance at scale in your organization with our Master Data Management and Governance.

Acuvate’s Accelerators

Acuvate’s in-house migration and governance solution, simplifies, expedites, and automates the migration process and ensures successful migration with high accuracy. Optimum is scalable and can support large data & content migrations. It also supports a wide range of data sources including on-premises/open-source/cloud.

  • Migrate from any DB to Cloud
  • Accelerate migration with assured ROI and quality
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Save 50-60% on costs
  • Automate native data type mapping
  • Automate Schema Script generation & data migration
  • Get field level reconciliation across source and target DBs
  • Define threshold to be considered for row level validation

Why Acuvate?


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Transparent and
Predictable Migration

Robust & Proven



Faster time
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Our Approach

We Support Cross-platform Data Migration

Thrive in the era of Data with Acuvate’s Data migration & modernization services

Data Modernization Industry specific use cases

Acuvate Workshops for Faster Migration and Outcomes

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