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Business Process Management

Define and automate your business process as per your needs

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Our BPM services are targeted towards addressing following problems that exist in any organization

Email/Excel Based Or Manual Processes

Every organization has processes executed using a combination of email and excel sheets resulting in poor visibility, improper governance and data decentralization. All these issues result in inefficiency and poor employee satisfaction

Disconnected Systems

Many organizations have business process inefficiencies due to disconnected ERP/LOB System. By providing bidirectional integration, processes can become far more efficient.

Difficulty In Requirement Definition

Very often organization find it difficult to define their business requirements for process automation. Acuvate has built a catalogue of business processes across various functions to help clients expedite the definition and implementation process. Following table provides the details of the catalogue that we have.


microsoft excel
azure Microsoft

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200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500


B2C – Business Processes for

Order Management, EMI/Loan Tracking, Complaint management.

B2B – Business Processes for Partners/Enterprise Customers

Our UX services focus on enhancing look N feel of existing Portals, converting them into Responsive or Brand aligning portals.

B2E – Business Process for

Employee Self Service, Performance Management, Learning Management and more

Case Studies



HRIS system for contract workforce built using

A consumer finance firm wanted to automate the process of hiring, onboarding, training, performance management and exit of their contract workforce, which was not on their core HRIS system. Acuvate developed the system using SharePoint to smoothen the entire contract workforce management process.



90+ processes automated using SharePoint across finance, sales, logistics and supply chain for data governance

An LPG manufacturing firm was running several business processes using excel sheets and emails. These processes included various employee and business processes such as Employee retirement process, credit limit approvals and many more. All these processes were implemented and automated on SharePoint by Acuvate. It helped in improving data governance and productivity at the organisational level.



Organoleptic solution built on SharePoint to record consumer experience

The marketing & sales department of one of India’s most trusted brands in FMCG sector – have recently added a strategic organization wide initiative called Organoleptics with the help of Acuvate. Acuvate has built a portal on SharePoint 2010 where the employees who also happen to be the consumers can record their experience in 8 different stages starting from the look and feel of the packaging to the experience of having consumed the product. This solution has resulted in increase in the brand awareness leading to its products being even more delightful, affordable and accessible to the heterogeneous people of India – across age, ethnicity and socio-economic status – any time, anywhere – every day.



Customer relationship portal built using SharePoint to increase visibility and collaboration

One of the largest value added services provider for mobile operators wanted to enhance their customer’s experience to increase visibility and collaboration.

Acuvate built a customer relationship portal which provides information about new products, validity of existing products and discussion forums on products. This Portal is built using SharePoint and it is targeted towards the increase of profits and market share through acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

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