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Content And Collaboration

Systematize the storage of distributed data and enhance collaboration
along with accessibility with an AI- driven platform

With offices scattered in different locations and content growing at rapid pace, content management and information collaboration is becoming extremely critical for every organization. Emails, faxes, phone calls are too primitive to bring collaboration in the workplace anymore, moreover they do not provide adequate governance to manage the content in a seamless manner. This is where Acuvate leverages SharePoint as a platform to enable easily accessible content and ensure perfect collaboration across teams and geo locations.

Our content & collaboration services will help you to harmonize dissipated data across organization in a well governed and intuitive manner. From top-down to bottom up, communication of all level can be integrated with digital workspace. The out of box features can easily handle all your requirements like social integration and documents management. Customization according to your unique organizational needs can be done effortlessly.

Content Services

  • Information Architecture & Taxonomy definition
  • Document Management Systems
  • SharePoint as internal web content management system
  • Enterprise Search solution for content aggregation
  • Migration from legacy or file share based systems to SharePoint
  • Ongoing content maintenance & support

Collaboration Services

  • Intranet Adoption/Road map consulting
  • Social for enterprise
  • Intranet solutions
  • Gamification based knowledge management system for tacit and explicit knowledge management
  • Digital workplace for projects, bids and ideas

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Case Studies

Analytics Company

Analytics Company

Knowledge Management Portal Built Using O365 To Manage Tacit And Explicit Content

World’s largest decision sciences and analytics firm with over 5000 employees spread across different locations were facing a challenge to manage their tacit and explicit knowledge. They wanted to not only let their employees manage but also collaborate with each other.

Acuvate built a cloud based knowledge management solution with SharePoint 2013.

This portal would help the employees to

  • Search for documents relevant to their need
  • Search for people with specific skill sets
  • Rate people’s skill sets
  • Communicate & Collaborate better with features like Mysite & Community Site
  • The interface of this portal was very social and easy to use to enhance employee experience.


IT Asset Management Application Built On SharePoint 2013 To Get Visitbility And Control Of IT Assets

One of the largest airlines company facing a problem managing its IT assets. So they wanted an IT asset management solution where employees would be able to raise requests for IT (Hardware/software) as per their requirements through intranet portal. Acuvate has built an IT asset management solution where the employees can select required assets according to category wise. Users can multi select the products and raise a request. Upon successful submission of the request, the same request is sent for approval. User can view the requests that he/she submitted through a dashboard. After the respective approvals are done the IT Asset manager does the final approval and takes the process to closure.

The following are the features of IT asset management:
List of IT assets to choose

  • Raise request
  • Select multiple products at a time
  • Dashboard of the requests raised
  • Approvals
Advertising Marketing

Advertising & Marketing

Windows Azure Media Services Deployed And Integrated With SharePoint 2013

World’s leading advertising agency wanted a portal to publish and manage content related to various advertisement campaigns at one place which were earlier shared and saved in Shared drives, local drives and emails.

Acuvate developed a SharePoint 2013 based content management portal which is integrated with Windows Azure Media Service and has features such as search, meta-tagging which helps the employees to find the right content at the right time. This solution has been built using, SharePoint 2013 on windows azure.



Warehouse Distribution Portal Built For Customer Retention Using O365

Leading global manufacturing firm needed a portal to communicate and share the stock details available to its customers for purchase. The backbone of every business is customer communication, this gap between company and its customers was leading into customer loss.

Acuvate assessed their current infrastructure, business challenge and developed a solution on SharePoint 2010. This features of this warehouse distribution portal are given below.

  • Information on the stock available
  • Placing of Orders
  • Tracking of Orders
  • History of orders placed
  • Document repository

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