SIA – Sales Intelligent Assistant BOT Admin August 6, 2022

Sales Intelligent Assistant

Help Your Sales Team Improve Top Line Revenue By Making Informed Decisions Using SIA Bot 

What Is SIA?

SIA is a Sales Intelligent Assistant which is built using AI technology, leveraging BOT frameworks that convert natural language and
enable the sales person to chat and obtain relevant information regarding key metrics.

Natural Conversations

SIA uses Natural language processing to take chat based inputs using a conversational interface from your sales team and respond with relevant information for faster decision making

Seamless Integration

SIA can ingest data from various LOB systems such as ERP, CRM or Data Warehouses to analyse and generate key information

Alerts On The Go

SIA can send out alerts to sales personnel based on their location and the customer they are going to meet, by providing key information such as MSL, OTIF or payment terms

Always Online

SIA does not sleep! This means your sales team can ask questions and get the information they need, when they want and where they want it.

Why Your Sales Team Needs SIA?

Look How Conversational Interface Back Your Sales Process

  • Calling central teams for information.
  • Reliance on PDF’s lost in mail impacting productivity.
  • Different systems /reports to get information on different subject areas.
  • Reactive Decisions.
  • Outdated information based on push mails..
  • Virtual Assistant always available to give information.
  • Immediate, easy and anywhere access to data.
  • All needed information at finger tips.
  • Proactive alerts based on information pushed to the sales team.
  • Near real-time information connected to DWH/LOB/CRM systems.

Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

How SIA Works

  • SIA is added as a contact to your internal communication tools and your sales team can initiate a chat
  • SIA can be added as a contact to Skype, Slack, Yammer, O365 and other collaboration tools.
  • Sales can ask questions in natural language using the chat interface.
  • SIA can ingest a sales data model and then use that to answer questions on critical sales metrics like must stock list, revenue, receivables, market share, product performance and more.
  • SIA can initiate conversations by sending important notifications to sales team members on their KPIs.
  • SIA can trigger relevant information like low stock updates, KPIs, etc.

Watch Overview

The Architecture Behind SIA

Data Store And Integration Platform

1. Has a Data Ingestion Layer which allows the platform to connect to various databases using ODBC or Native Drivers where users can choose the data for which they need answers.
2. Natural Language to Query Converter
3. Data Store: The required metadata and data required for BOTS is stored in a SQL Azure database

AI Integration

AI Integration

Integration with AI platforms for Text, Speech Vision and any other custom algorithms supporting platforms like LUIS and Azure Machine Learning from the Microsoft Platform to the AI algorithms present in Amazon or Google, or IBMz

BOT Core

The BOT Core is Acuvate’s Bot Builder platform with features to setup knowledge base, guided conversations, conversation contexts, sentiment dashboards, triggers and multi-factor authentication.

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