Walk into the Future of Manufacturing, Today. Presenting Acuvate’s Smart Factory Solution Admin March 23, 2023

Walk into the Future of Manufacturing, Today.

Presenting Acuvate’s Smart Factory Solution

Industry 4.0 is here. Shop floor operations demand streamlining and efficiency. Shop floor employees demand better experiences.Climate change needs your attention. It’s time to get smart with manufacturing. 

93% of manufacturing and supply chain professionals plan to focus on resilience
And 70% know smart factory is the way to go about it.

Are you surprised, then, that smart factories are all set to add a whopping $1.5 Trillion to the global economy by 2023? We are not. 

 The reason? The urgent need to simplify processes and supply chains, optimize resource utilitzation, quality and throughput, achieve zero waste goals, and minimize downtime.  

 Get a head start on Industry 4.0 with Acuvate. 

Sustainability meets savings: Transform your manufacturing with Acuvate's Smart Factory Solution

Achieve new levels of visibility and insight from previously siloed manufacturing data. 

Know when to take action, where to optimize costs, and have a more robust net zero roadmap on hand.  

 All with Acuvate’s Cloud, Data Analytcs, AI & ML, IoT superpowers packed into off-the-shelf or customized Smart Factory solution.   

 Acuvate Smart Factory Solution is built on the Microsoft Modern Business Intelligence Suite, with reporting in Power BI.

Get access to the data you need

From various plants, consolidated in a data warehouse for easy, real-time access and root cause analysis 

Automate end-to-end data capturing

with minimal human intervention, and no delays and room for error  

Track and improve OEE and performance

through anomaly detection to predict asset failure and schedule maintenance only when needed 

Turn preventive insight into preventive action

with hundreds of parameters synthesized to reduce downtime with preventive maintenance 

Reduce waste and get ahead with net zero
Optimize factory operations with assured 20% improvement in OEE
Use your resources better with ~4000 hours person hour savings per month
Improve output reliability by 8%

All of this without reinventing the wheel of your existing technology infrastructure. Minimal cost and go-to-market timelines. Maximum ROI.

Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

From Automation to Intelligence: How Smart Factories are Changing the Way We Work 

Our Smart Factory Success Story

 A British CPG giant walked with us into the future of manufacturing
400 brands across six continents. 160,000+ employees. And a bold sustainability KRA. 

With the Acuvate Smart Factory Solution, the CPG major achieved

~4000-person hours savings per month

with automated reporting and significant increases in labor productivity 

8% enhancement in output reliability

and improved process reliability and robustness 

20% increase in OEE 

across all manufacturing units

A giant leap

Towards zero waste and sustainability agenda  

With the Acuvate Smart Factory Solution, the CPG major achieved v2

Why enter Industry 4.0 with Acuvate's Smart Factory Solution

  • One-stop shop for all actionable production and supply chain insights
  • Just 12-16-week time to marketing with reusable off-the-shelf custom solutions
  • Trusted by global manufacturing and supply majors across consumer goods and other sectors for over a decade
  • Certified team and seasoned experts with a stream of successful rollouts

Start your journey towards cost and environmental sustainability and truly intelligent manufacturing.

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