Digital Supply Chain For The New Normal: Using AI & ML to Resolve Out of Stock Issues Admin December 5, 2021

Organizations with effective supply chain digital transformation roadmaps are +3x as likely to see their digital supply chains succeed

Businesses and economies across the world have already faced a massive disruption. Due to COVID-19, supply chain industry is facing challenges in demand volatility, changes in consumer spending habits and shift in channels, out of stock issues etc.

Reducing out of stock situations is the biggest goal of any supply chain leader during these uncertain times. Identifying the reason for out of stock situations and fixing issues, spotting any specific out of stock trends and planning logistics around it could be challenging for the organizations who are using traditional supply chains networks.

With the recent developments in AI & machine learning, we can now harness real-time supply chain data to discover patterns that help us understand what factors influence the different aspects of the supply chain network. According to Gartner, at least 50% of global companies would be using AI-related transformational technologies such as Machine Learning in supply chain operations by 2023.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How to identify your most important SKU’s and plan supply chain around it
  • How to optimize the supply chain, as well as building a forecasting model using AI & ML to predict and resolve the out of stocks issues
  • Integrate data sources like shopper panel, mobility index to correct and accurately forecast demand

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