Intelligent Intranet Admin December 21, 2021


With the shift to cloud, mobile and now AI & machine learning, applications all around us are getting more intelligent. The Intranet, being the core communication and collaboration platform can benefit a lot from these.

How can you make collaboration seamless across geographically dispersed teams?

How can you break free from language barriers?

How do you measure the effectiveness of your intranet content?

How can AI Bots revolutionize your communication strategies and experiences?

Come spend an hour with us as we answer few of these questions and show you how we are viewing the shift to intelligent intranets. Our webinar will be filled with demos as we cover Office 365 SharePoint based intranets, intranet analytics and usage, enterprise intranet bots, new features like PowerApps, Flow, Delve, Teams and more…


Abhishek Shanbhag
Practice Head, Solutions
Pradeep Hegde
Associate Vice President, Client Relations

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