Key User Experience Principles to follow for Next-Gen Intranets Admin December 21, 2021

“40% Of Intranet Initiatives Fail To Deliver Return On Investment Due To Inadequate Adoption - 



One primary reason for low intranet adoption and collaboration rates is bad User Experience. Even though your intranet is stacked with useful and fresh content, your employees won’t use it on a daily basis if the portal is too sophisticated to use or the content is hard-to-access. This webinar gives insights on the importance of upgrading your intranet UX and how it can boost adoption, collaboration, and ROI.

Whether you are an intranet application leader or administrator or a key stakeholder or an IT/HR decision-maker, join this webinar to

  • Get an overview of Intranet UX
  • Understand what Intranet users look for
  • Learn key principles to follow for a better UX
  • Discover the role and best practices of Conversational User Experience (CUX) in the intranet



Sareen Madupu is a Product Manager for Mesh at Acuvate. He has around 9 years of experience in Usability and User Experience of Digital Interfaces. He has been with Acuvate for 7 years and worked on concepting UX of 30+ intranets. 

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