Acuvate@15: Promoting Culture of Innovation Admin December 20, 2021

Acuvate is an organization for innovation by design. Over the decade and half of its existence, the company has built an ecosystem to be ahead of the curve both in people practices and customer centricity. Intuitively aligned to customer needs, we have grown our portfolio of services and solutions. No wonder, most of our clients have stayed with us for years, appreciating Acuvate as an extension of their own teams.

Growth, both personal and organizational, is a matter of right environment. At Acuvate every employee gets equal opportunity to perform to the best of their potential. In fact, in my own incredible journey of more than a decade at Acuvate, I have worked with 25+   customers around the globe which includes working at 11 customer locations (both offshore and onsite). With the exposure to cutting edge technology and our zeal to adapt the new, all of us have got innumerable opportunities to push the bar higher. A journey that began as a SharePoint developer involved in development, migrations and Microsoft workshops, it has been an exciting expedition so far. My personal journey from Software Engineer Trainee to Delivery Manager is a testimony to the openness, flexibility and growth mindset of the company and its leaders.

What sets Acuvate apart in this over-crowded market? I would say there are three things that helped us pivot our journey from a young startup to an innovation focus leader – adaptability, talent focus and decisive leadership. Let us discuss these in some detail:

Adaptability to Meet Market Needs

In early days of our existence there was more enthusiasm and less focus on processes. However, as we grew, we were quick to adopt a structured approach. Today we have mature processes and frameworks that aide delivery excellence. We have got the pulse of the customer and are quick to master new technologies. For instance, while strengthening our prowess in Microsoft stacks, we are building expertise in other technologies and practices. It is not just the adaptability of our business framework to meet the market demands but also the growth of each individual at the root level.

Nurturing Talent for Right Roles

Every employee at Acuvate is witness to a culture of inclusive growth. Cross-functional expertise is encouraged, and employees are appreciated for rising above their comfort zones. You are assigned roles based on your capability and potential and not just past experience. Personally, for me what started as a passion, soon turned out as an opportunity to shift my career towards the functional side. I was fortunate enough to cater to different roles and manage a variety of projects including Intranets, Offshore Development Centers (ODC) and Chatbot Platforms. The diversity in opportunities not only allows you to hone new skills but also master newer avenues while having the trust of our leaders.

I have witnessed many employees with an experience of 2-3 years starting their career at Acuvate, contesting with much experienced people in the industry. Isn’t that the true way of empowering talent!

Decisive Leadership that Leads from the Front

Always focusing on cutting edge technology and aligning the company vision to market trends has allowed the company to win customers and increase market share. Leadership is always attuned to the customers and has the pulse of employees. They have taken calculated risks and never shied away from challenging the norm. Building expertise in new technologies ahead of time and going to market with ready solutions/accelerators has won us the respect of stakeholders both within and outside the organizations. Our leaders lead from the front, they are quick to take decisions and build a path for us to follow. Others have not only led and paved a path for me but also allowed me to become a leader in my own right.

What brought us here is our conviction to deliver beyond brief and I am sure this strength will see us reach newer heights in future too. There was never a dull moment in my career of over a decade at Acuvate, and now we are entering the most exciting phase of next level of growth.

About Vidyadhar Prathi

Vidyadhar Prathi

Vidyadhar Prathi our Delivery Manager with a decade long association with Acuvate has started his career here as a Software Engineer and has risen to the role of a delivery manager. An incredible journey with exposure to latest cutting-edge technologies starting from SharePoint to Conversational AI. A strong delivery leader and a people’s favorite, Vidyadhar also has expertise on Agile and Scrum. Holding one of the biggest portfolios of Acuvate, he has come a long way in adding value and nurturing innovation within his teams.