Bridging The Gap Between Social And Enterprise Analytics Hemanth Kumar October 2, 2016

Bridging The Gap Between Social And Enterprise Analytics

Bridging The Gap Between Social And Enterprise Analytics

After most companies decided to standardize their transaction systems and implemented ERP’s, huge amount of data got captured in the organization. Unfortunately data alone served limited purpose to take the right decisions at the right time to improve Business. The huge amount of data did not mean that we had intelligence from it but companies started to wake up to the realization that Intelligence can be extracted out of this data by enriching it and analyzing it from various dimensions which affect the business. Enterprise Analytics was born thus.

With the advent of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linked in there is a lot of content which is being generated which are interactions of people with other people, their experience with services, products they buy, use etc. These are the customers or potential customers, employees or potential employees and they are generating a huge amount of content which reveals their preferences, ideas, opinions and opens up a whole new world to understand people and business. The time has come for companies to wake up and realize that this data has many intelligence nuggets buried inside and needs to be extracted – Social Analytics.

“Customer Is King”  – ” If only I knew the customers personal opinion I would have known if the customer would leave us”.  “When I hired him I did not know of his personal affiliations.”

A few of these statements are bandied about in an enterprise but now something can be done about these.

Typically enterprises are analyzing the sales data, the customer service tickets logged, SLA’s etc., to understand what the customer is buying, whether the customer is happy etc., but are these real opinion of the customers, will the customer keep buying what he or she has been buying, are there preferences changing with the changing economic scenario, will the customer continue to buy these high end services/products with talks of looming recession or will the customer look for more staple products, what does the customer feel about the product that we are selling or the services offered, is the opinion same across geographies.

What are the personal affiliations of a prospective hire, what is his opinion about relationships in his personal realm, what are the kind of companies that he has been following, what are the kind of groups he is interested in, is the employee or a prospective employee interested in a group which is a key component of the service line you are looking at building or launching a product?

Answering some of these questions could give a huge advantage and play a key differentiator for companies to compete with their competitors and answering these questions are possible now by applying analytics to data integrated from various social platforms using Acuvate’s Big Data solutions.

Acuvate’s Big Data Solutions allows you to compare the Impact of your Marketing Campaign based on the response for the same on Social Media or also assess the Impact of falling revenues and understand tone of the emails of clients which might have resulted in the falling revenues thus bridging the gap between social and enterprise analytics and helping companies gain a competitive edge in their space.

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