Analytics & Database Services

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” – Peter Sondergaard, Gartner

Acuvate’s Analytics and Database services has two Goals which is to Reduce Cost and Increase Revenues for our clients

Start Hindsight Standardize Insight Strategize Foresight
  • Users love for excel
  • Inability to drill down
  • Manual dependency master data issues
  • Limited budgets
  • Bringing several data source together
  • Ensuring update of data sources in time
  • Difficults to navigate reporting portal
  • Reporting restricted to internal stakeholders only
  • Limited capabilities on decision support and what if
  • Handling of unstructured data
  • What happened?
  • Get Your master data right
  • Minimum change management
  • No manual intervention
  • User education
  • Why did it happen?
  • Intergrate all the data source
  • Go across the enterprise
  • Go mobile
  • Establish governance
  • What is likely to happen?
  • What should I do about it?
  • BI for external stakeholders
  • BI for external data
  • Statistical analytics
  • Decision support

Application Lifecycle Management

BI Consulting
  • Strategy & Architecture
  • Master Data Management

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Data Warehouse Automation

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Self Service Business Intelligence

Acuvate is regarded as a leader in the technologies like Microsoft Power BI, Birst etc. Our Competency Centre’s (COE) help deliver the right value of the technology platform through specific delivery framework, readiness in latest evolutions in the platform, Acuvate training certified employees.
Power BI COE


Reusable Data Models & Dashboards
Leveraging years of experience of delivering successful data models/ data warehouses to global customers, Acuvate has developed standard delivery Reusable Data Models and Dashboards models that are Industry specific. These models help with quicker time to market (2 to 4 weeks) while implementing BI roadmap.
Data Quality Solution for Customer Master Data
In today’s dynamic and highly competitive business world, a targeted customer approach and lasting customer loyalty is the key for maintaining Data Quality Solution for Customer Master Data competitive advantage. Mergers and acquisitions of companies, lax policies in systems for data entry and also missing data governance policies result in duplicate master data.

Check out our BI offerings for the CPG industry


Quality Management Solution to manage & maintain the quality of projects executed by vendors

The infrastructure firm needed a solution with which they can manage and maintain the quality of projects executed by its vendors/contractors.

Acuvate has built a quality management portal to help them manage the complete process from deciding the right vendor to checking the performance of the vendor on a particular project. Vendor evaluation, quality check reports, managing customer complaints, Non-conformance reports all would be a part of this solution.

This solution is being built using SharePoint, SQL 2012, PowerPivot and Database services.


Right quality data helps in controlling sales and marketing expenses

One of the top Pharma firms which is a manufacturer of generic drugs were facing data quality issues such as duplicate data, incomplete and inconsistent records in their Doctor Master database.

Acuvate provided the customer with data quality solutions with which they can identify duplicate and incomplete records and also suggest golden record for retaining the right record.

This solution was built using MS-SQL Server and helped the customer by controlling the expenditure on sales and marketing activities which was earlier being done on wrong data of doctors.


SQL & Oracle ERP integrated to build Sales, finance and Supply chain dashboards

A manufacturing client which provides engineering products across the globe wanted to build real time dashboards on top of their Oracle ERP data to analyze receivables, collection, sales and finance data.

Acuvate implemented a solution using SSAS, SSIS, SSRS and SharePoint to provide them required reports with various trends analysis and slice N dice capabilities.


Analytics unleashed to get better control of enterprise level data

The executive level management team of a leading newspaper firm found it difficult to be on top of their enterprise level data.

Acuvate provided them with a solution on Analytics that made it easy for them to access all the data which is readily available and helps in quick decision making. This solution has helped them monitor the status of various departments like supply chain, HR, Sales and create and get spatial reports for analysis of geographical data. This resulted in getting the data at the right time which lead to faster decision making process.

This solution was built using MSBI.



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