Every bot deals with different kinds and complexities of entities within a user’s sentence, question or request. Often, these entities (or user data inputs) are required to perform an operation.

For example, booking a shuttle cannot be done without the current location, destination and the number of seats required. In case if users fail to specify the required inputs, the bot should be able to get the missing ones from the user.

In addition to all these tips, we also feel a bot with a good conversational UX should

  • Send a range of responses, instead of a simple yes or no every time
  • Never fallback. It must quickly recover and provide meaningful options and responses to the user when it doesn’t understand his/her intent
  • Never commit spelling mistake or grammatical errors
  • Be accompanied by the correct UI elements like emojis, cards and all the relevant entities to keep the conversation as seamless as possible
  • Maintain the context so that conversations are more natural and ‘human-like’
What is your take on conversational UX? Have some additional tips or tricks you want to share? Feel free to comment below! While you are at it, do take a quick look at the university of well-trained bots – Our Botvarsity.