MeshBOT – A Bot For SharePoint Intranet

Research proves that 40% of intranet initiatives fail due to inadequate adoption, hence losing out on ROI. Acuvate’s MeshBOT helps mitigate intranet adoption challenges. It empowers employees to optimally utilize intranet. As employees interact with MeshBOT it gathers information and patterns, which enables it to provide a personalised experience. MeshBOT is built using Microsoft BOT framework and Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS).

Why use a BOT on your Modern Intranet?

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  1. Gives you the latest
    Announcements and News
  2. Learns with every interaction
  3. Increases intranet adoption
  4. Improves employee productivity
  5. Cuts down intranet re-design investments


  1. Integrate with existing messaging applications like Slack, Skype and Facebook messenger
  2. Can be integrated with a myriad of SharePoint applications


  1. User Authentication
  2. User Authorization
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication
  4. One Time Authorization
  5. Channel Authorization

Benefits of MeshBOT

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Simplify Process
Simplify Process
Automate Tasks
Automate Tasks
Access to latest news
Personalised user
Personalised user experience
Adapts to office jargon
Adapts to office jargon
Access and update critical tasks
Access and update critical tasks
Conversational interface
Conversational interface

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How MeshBOT works?


Integrations available with



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Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services

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Microsoft Bot Framework

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Case study

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According to Gartner, by 2022, 40% of customer-facing employees and government workers will consult daily an AI virtual support agent for decision or process support. Acuvate’s MeshBOT leverages the power of intranet and extracts the relevant information to assist all the employees in an organisation. Not only it provides information access but also helps employees in executing activities like leave request, travel settlement requests, IT requests, etc.
We helped many industry leaders address their intranet adoption & collaboration issues using MeshBot.

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