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Empower the value of your cloud infrastructure and investment

Migrate, Run, Adopt and Scale Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Acuvate provides end-to-end implementation services to support your journey to the cloud.

Intelligent Enterprises Are Going Cloud


The amount of data generated worldwide will increase 5X by 2025. On-premise data management solutions no longer suffice.


By 2026, Public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending


48% of C-Suite leaders plan to migrate 50% or more of their applications to the cloud in 2022

GCP Can Take You There

Choose the Cloud Environment you Need

Google provides open source, multi cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. The platform’s consistency between public and private clouds allows you to build apps faster than in any other environment.

Reduce Costs

86% of Google Cloud customers agree that "Google Cloud helped increase their operational efficiency and optimize IT spend".

Advanced Security

GCP protects your data and apps with the same industry-standard security infrastructure and services that Google uses for its own organization.

No Upfront Investment

GCP lets you undertake application migration and modernization at scale with no upfront costs. Migrating and modernizing legacy applications makes data agile, adaptive, and ready for exploration.

Custom Solutions For Every Industry

Leading global companies across industries like CPG, retail, financial services, media, telecom, entertainment, government, etc. trust Google Cloud to solve their pressing business challenges.

AI for Business

Google Cloud's AI and machine learning capabilities help you extract actionable insights from data and automate business processes. The platform's serverless data analytics feature enables you to make intelligent predictions and streamline operations.

How Can Acuvate Help?

Acuvate is a certified Google Cloud Partner, providing GCP services - AI for Business Solutions (Like Automated Transcripts, Smart & Sustainable Solutions), Chatbots & Conversational AI, and Data Modernization. With our 16+ years of digital transformation and new-age technology expertise, we help organizations make the most of their GCP investment.

GCP strategy
and guidance

and adoption

Building custom
mobile and web apps


Platform maintenance
and optimization

Our Core GCP Offerings

Chatbots & Automation Solutions

Easily design and deploy AI-powered intelligent bots that can converse with citizens, employees, & find information & respond to queries instantly, and improve experiences & productivity.

AI-Powered Automated Transcription Solutions
AI-Powered Automated Transcription Solutions

Convert recorded or live audio/video into text with powerful AI, natural language processing & cognitive computing capabilities, & get fully searchable transcripts in 60% lesser time. 

Smart & Sustainable
Smart & Sustainable AI/ML Solutions

Accelerate & digitize processes, seamlessly detect violations, achieve sustainability goals, improve the health and well-being of citizens, save time & costs.

Data Modernization

Modernize your data for low-cost, and scalable enterprise data warehouse management.  Analyze data and securely share generated insights as queries, datasets, and spreadsheets.

Why You Can Bet on Acuvate For Implementing GCP Solutions?


Cloud, database, and data warehouse experts


Chatbots & Automation Solutions Implemented


AI & Digital Workplace Solutions Implemented


proactive monitoring and support

We follow the 5Rs of Application Migration and Modernization

Whether you need to rehost, replatform, refactor, re-architect, rebuild, or replace, our team of GCP-trained practitioners chooses what’s best for your needs to build a solid foundation for data migration and application modernization

Trusted digital transformation partners for several Fortune 500 companies

In our 16+ years of experience, we have helped several Fortune 500 companies unlock growth, value, and resilience by offering the best cloud talents and technologies.

Recognized by Industry Analysts

Our data migration, application modernization, and NLP solutions are recognized by leading industry analysts, including Clearbox Consulting, Forrester, and Gartner.

Our Insights


Success of legacy application modernization depends on several factors. Know the key aspects of application migration and modernization before taking the plunge.


Success of legacy application modernization depends on several factors. Know the key aspects of application migration and modernization before taking the plunge.


Rakesh Reddy, CEO, talks about ‘Eye on the Future’, a continuous journey to provide the best offerings to our customers in the VUCA world.


50% of data migration initiatives might exceed their budget and timeline because of flawed strategy and execution.

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