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Remould Data into Increased Revenue and Margins

COMPASS helps you Price better, Make Smart Promotions, and Invest in what matters

COMPASS is an AI-Powered Business Intelligence suite to bolster the power of decision-making. Unlock the value of data and beat your competition.

How Compass Helps (and Who)?

Sales Officers
  • Predict future sales
  • Identify lost sales opportunities
  • Run high-yield trade promotions
  • Analyze performance of channels, SKUs, products and beyond.
Supply chain Officers
  • Reduce OTIF losses and increase MSL compliance.
  • Forecast and Avoid OOS situations
  • Enhance assortment and inventory management.
  • Decrease operational costs.
Marketing Officers
  • Smartly invest in the right product and campaign at the right time and place.
  • Optimize spend on each brand based on the BCG matrix.
  • Get internal and competitor intelligence.
  • Boost campaign personalization.
Revenue Management Officers
  • Build robust price-pack architectures and other pricing strategies.
  • Identify new profitable market and product segments.
  • Design high-yield marketing campaigns and sales promotions.
  • Develop leak-proof supply chain strategies.

Big Data and AI-Powered Analytics Software Suite

COMPASS is designed with a sole objective – to make data work for consumer goods and surrounding industries. We achieve this by leveraging Big Data, Advanced Analytics and AI chatbots technologies. Even though COMPASS is most powerful as a single-suite, its offerings are equally effective as separate entities.

Big Data

Take data from all consumer and competitor touch points.

AI-Powered Analytics

Develop a forward-thinking strategy with Predictive and Prescriptive analytics.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Simplify the way you consume data with Chatbots.

How It Works?



Addressing all your business needs

Trade promotion optimization Supply chain management and planning Revenue growth management Pricing analytics Marketing Analytics

Industry we serve

Consumer Goods
Food & Beverage
Fashion & Apparel

Results our clients witnessed

Increase in primary sales by 3% and secondary sales by 12%

Increase in Marketing ROI by 3%

Increase in market share by

Decrease in Marketing costs by 5%

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