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Empowering Public Sector Organizations with Smart & Sustainable Solutions

In today’s modern world, citizen expectations are changing by the day, going digital is no longer “good-to-have” — it has become a “must-have” for Governments worldwide.

Additionally, as demands on public sector institutions to incorporate efficiency, transparency, and cost-containment into their digital models continue to rise, CIOs must leverage modern technology products, services, and architectural techniques to bring in much-needed innovation and revamp employee experiences.

Gartner’s 2021 CIO Survey found that 56% of government CIOs wish to increase investments in cloud solutions, 54% in business intelligence, 41% in process automation, and 36% in AI.

Unlocking agility, resilience, and trust in government operations and citizen services

Our mission is to help public sector CIOs Modernize, Automate, and Transform government operations and build “smart, sustainable, and composable” government enterprises. Using new-age technology like AI, ML, Advanced Analytics, and IoT, we help governments plan and design smart cities through holistic improvements in citizen and employee experience, intelligent transportation, public utilities modernization, and data-driven operational excellence.

Acuvate’s Impact

Here is how we helped public sector organizations modernize operations, meet new-age citizen/
employee expectations, and build smarter cities!

Our Focus for the Public Sector

Connected citizen and employee experience

Connected citizen and employee experience:

  • Chatbots
  • Inspection Apps
  • Employee Apps
  • Business Process Automation
Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent Transportation:

  • Vehicle Muffler modification detection
  • Vehicle Idling detection
  • Vehicle counting and classification, Payload detection
Public Utilities Modernization

Public Utilities Modernization:

  • Digital Twin for Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Operational Technology Transformation - Scada Consolidation, Asset Registry
Data driven operational excellence

Data-driven operational excellence:

  • Data-driven plant optimization - Water supply and wastewater treatment
  • Contracts dashboard
  • Procurement analytics
  • HR analytics
  • IT analytics
  • Grievance management
Composable Government Enterprise

Composable Government Enterprise:

  • Improve modularity and agility of business with low-code development techniques.
  • Migrate data and apps to the cloud to pivot in response to sudden changes in citizen demands.
  • Dynamic, easily-deployable integration capabilities.
Future ready with AI

Future-ready with AI:

  • Verifiable credentials (citizen-related, business-related, staff-related) and audits using Blockchain technology
  • Predictive asset maintenance using machine learning

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Our Solutions for the Government Industry

Inspection App

Inspection App

Digitizing traditional manual, paper-based government processes to increase productivity, enhance visibility, and achieve sustainability.


  • Customizable form templates
  • Image capture and annotations
  • GPS-enabled
  • Integration with third-party agencies (DMV, payment gateways, etc.)


  • 80% time savings
  • 7X paper savings
  • 70% reduction in TCO
Data-driven sustainable water management

Data-driven sustainable water management

A data-driven sustainable water management solution, powered by AI and predictive analytics, that helps monitor and control water quality parameters and provide safe water to citizens.


  • AI-based predictive maintenance
  • Data ingestion from multiple apps
  • Reusable Common Data Model
  • 100 Petabytes of data


  • 95% reduction in data discovery time
  • 70% reduction in data quality issues
  • 1500-person days/year savings
Blockchain-based verifiable credentials and audits

Blockchain-based verifiable credentials and audits

Replacing traditional paper-based ID, audit, and verification process with trusted and secure digital IDs.


  • Secure data storage
  • Automated verification
  • Complete audit trails


  • 400% improvement in time required for issuing IDs
  • 90% improvement in audit and inspection
  • Aids sustainability
Vehicle classification, traffic monitoring, and payload detection

Vehicle classification, traffic monitoring, and payload detection

A sustainability solution, supported by AI, IoT, and data-driven insights that help upgrade infrastructure and ensure accountability to the traveling public.


  • Vehicle type classification moving on both highway sides
  • Image segmentation and feature extraction
  • Traffic pattern understanding
  • Modifiable ML patterns


  • Enhanced traffic surveillance
  • Improved road infrastructure
  • Lost vehicle identification
  • Lane and weight-payload violation identification
  • Better efficiency of traffic officers
Wastewater treatment operation technology transformation

Wastewater treatment operation technology transformation

A data-driven solution that improves wastewater treatment plant operations, improves compliance with discharge limits, and saves energy.


  • Smart automation (SCADA system, sensor system)
  • Centralized Data Analytics platform
  • Optimized skillset management
  • Improved scalability


  • 25-30% improvement in operations
  • Single source of truth
  • 12-15% savings in chemical utilization optimization
  • 8-10% overall energy savings
customer satisfaction
Video analysis-based air and noise pollution monitoring

Video analysis-based air and noise pollution monitoring

AI and machine learning solutions that accelerate and digitize air and noise pollution monitoring with video evidence.


  • Vehicle info extraction
  • Vehicle and violation type validation
  • Easy verifiable complaint tickets
  • Modifiable ML rules in case of changes in law


  • Less than 3 min video analysis time
  • Revenue gains between 12-30M
  • Cost savings of 3-6M
Virtual agents and automation robots

Virtual agents and automation robots

Empowering employees with human-like AI interactions to get required information and automate routine tasks.


  • First-line support
  • Live agent handover
  • Search
  • Multilingual
  • Backend integration


  • 50% deflection of low-value requests
  • ~60-100 hours per week saved
  • Reduced employee support costs
Our RPA Services

Our Public Sector Services

Digitization and Process Automation

Improve collaboration and efficiency, remove silos, and achieve zero-waste sustainability through low-code app development, IoT, and Forms Recognition.

Our Solutions:

  • Water Quality Inspection App
  • Air and Noise Inspection App
  • Claims Automation App
  • Roster Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Plumber Permit App

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Cognitive computing, blockchain, and machine learning to build “smart cities”  and improve the speed and reliability of citizen services through automation and critical infrastructure improvement.

Our Solutions:

  • Vehicle Idling App
  • Verifiable Credentials App
  • Digital Twin for Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Vehicle Muffler App

Chatbots and Robotic Process Automation

Virtual assistants for citizens and employees to provide proactive, frictionless, omnichannel engagement, improve efficiency and scalability, and reduce cost per contact.

Our Solutions:

  • IT helpdesk
  • HR
  • Procurement
  • Citizen-facing and Finance
  • Ops Bots

Data and App Modernization

Legacy app migration and modernization to build secure, scalable apps and bring critical government insights to the fingertips.

Our Solutions:

  • Procurement and Data Modernization
  • Water Treatment Operations
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Contracts Dashboard
  • Grievance Management

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