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Acuvate Coffee Conversation | The One where we talk about Industrial Data Platform

Acuvate Coffee Conversation | The One where we talk about Generative AI and Computer Vision

Video analysis based noise pollution monitoring solution

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The Business Case for Migrating Your RPA Estate to Microsoft Power Automate


The Rise of Intelligent AI Chatbots: A Journey from NLP to Generative AI.



How CX chatbots are changing the way businesses interact with customers

Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Workplace

Trends For CPG Companies In 2019


Acuvate Partners with Databricks for Data-Driven Transformation

Join Us at the 5th Digital Oil and Gas Summit 2024 in Lisbon

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Acuvate Partners with Cognite Advancing the Future of AI and Machine Learning in Industrial Digitalization

Success Stories

Revolutionizing Truck Pre-Check with Machine Vision and Generative A Case Study
Discover how Acuvate's innovative use of machine vision and AI transformed the truck pre-check-in process, enhancing efficiency, reducing manual labour, and optimizing the supply chain.
Transforming Supply Chain Efficiency: A Digital Success Story in Retail and Hospitality Case Study
Explore how a leading retail and hospitality group revolutionized its supply chain management with advanced automation, dramatically enhancing operational efficiency and setting a new standard for excellence
Preserving Tradition Through Innovation: Digitizing a Century of Sharia Knowledge Case Study
Explore how a leading Sharia department transformed its century-old repository into a cutting-edge digital library, enhancing accessibility and efficiency while honoring Islamic banking traditions.

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