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Artificial Intelligence for Business

Addressing Business Challenges with AI


Say “Hello” to the Future

What was sci-fi yesterday, is our reality today. Right now, more than ever, every business is encountering unprecedented complexities. Data has become a key to an organization’s success and every enterprise is chasing it to obtain valuable insights to grow, succeed, retain customers, improve performance, and deliver something that’s unique, as if it’s from the future.

Acuvate is a key champion in the field of Artificial Intelligence for Business, capable of offering an extensive suite of AI solutions catering to the needs of large enterprises who are a little ahead in their AI adoption maturity level. We are here to build the right foundation for a true digital transformation and put you not one but a couple of steps ahead of your competitors. Reason why we have an AI solution for every possible business challenge. So, bring it on!

7.4 out of 10

businesses are exploring/deploying AI

4.3 out of 10

businesses embraced AI due to pandemic

9 out of 10

businesses feel AI should be trustworthy, explainable

8.9 out of 10

enterprises feel scaling AI gives competitive advantages

Think deeper. Do better.

Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

What Makes Us a Trusted AI Alliance for Enterprises

25 person-years

experience in research, design & development

AI & ML based

accelerators with IP rights

7+ years experience

in AI/ML apps and chatbot development


AI powered chatbots delivered

Proven expertise
in setting up Chatbots Center of Excellence (CoE)

Advanced Analytics implementation

AI for Every Business


Advanced Analytics

Leverage Acuvate’s advanced analytics capabilities to respond to a world that’s new and different. Beat your competitors by anticipating customer needs faster, delivering products and services smarter, and building a lifelong relationship with customers that’s based on facts and trust.

We offers:
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • IOT Analytics

Cognitive Computing

The greatest promises offered to modern enterprises stem from cognitive technology. Get ready to process unstructured information like a human but using computing capabilities in a much faster way. From managing complex activities to deriving real-life decisions, unlock the true power of human-machine collaboration with Acuvate.

We offers:
  • Language Modelling
  • Classification & Topic Modelling
  • Voice Apps
  • OCR
  • Form Recognition

Cognitive Search

Get ready to uncover the most powerful insights from all your relevant content at scale. Use your enterprise’s cognitive skills to enhance vision, language and speech search capabilities using Acuvate’s custom machine learning models. We have spent years learning and innovating our expertise in using NLP, NER and ML to help you gather, understand, organize and leverage digital content from various sources.

We offers:

  • Free Text Search
  • Visual Search
  • Video Indexed Search
  • Automated Metadata Tagging
  • Search Driven Apps


Rise in the era of connected devices with Acuvate’s next-gen IoT solutions designed to help your enterprise transform its interaction with customers and employees and bring intelligent innovation. With us, you always keep abreast of your logistics and operations and optimize their outcomes with our secure solutions.

We offers:
  • Stream Analytics
  • Digital Twins
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Modelling

Business Challenges We Solve

Where to Apply AI?

We help you figure out AI use cases to meet your exact business needs considering your analytical maturity level, access to quality data, and current business capabilities.

How to build the right team?

We understand AI is a specialized area that requires a special skill set and we are here to guide you to leverage existing resources, identify the best talents, and engage teams in the most efficient and productive way.

How to find the right technology?

Which AI solution is right for your existing tech stack? Whether to purchase the solution or build it in-house? Our experts have answers to all your questions.

Where to start?

When you open a window of infinite possibilities, where do you start from? We will guide you through beta tests, AI strategies and roadmap to ensure a seamless organizational integration.

Our Approach to Enterprise AI

Cognitive and analytics are in Acuvate’s DNA as we believe when intelligence is applied to derive actionable insights into the future, the true value of data is realized. This data forward approach is embedded in every step we take, every solution we build. Our combined cognitive capabilities—including AI, ML and IoT—fuel our innovation and empower our valued customers to create an intelligent enterprise today ready for the dataverse of tomorrow.

Strategy and Design

Affinity Prediction

Customer Journey Design

Next action steps

The Importance Of Upgrading From Enterprise Search To Cognitive Search

Acuvate’s Accelerators



A flexible & powerful Low-code, No-Code chatbot builder platform to train, build & launch customized conversational bot.



Advanced analytics platform designed to deliver real time, accurate insights  empowering effective decision making and Trade Promotion Optimization.

Platforms We Cover

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