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Customer Experience Chatbots Services

Deliver delightful customer experience with conversational AI!

Bots and Brands, A Match Made in Digital Heaven

60% of all customer service engagements will be delivered via digital and web-serve channels

~ Gartner

41% believe chatbots offer better experience

~ Conversocial

$8Bn Cost to be saved by chatbots annually by 2022

~ Juniper Research

$2.5Bn Hours to be saved for consumers & brands by 2023

~ Markets & Markets

Acuvate CX Chatbots Make More Loyal Customers and Sell More

Today’s customers have moved from traditional in-store buying to finding and purchasing products online. As a result, organizations are trying to reach and engage customers wherever they are to thrive in a highly competitive market, transform customer experiences, and fuel a sense of brand loyalty. Also, as smooth experience becomes the new deal breaker, every brand is recognizing the power of automation to drive unmatched customer experience

Our conversational AI platform – BotCore, specifically designed to enhance your Customer Experience can help brands achieve all that. Our multilingual conversational AI assistants, powered by AI/ML, are programmed to build and drive human-like conversations, provide rich and personalized responses, and lead customers to the path of purchase across multiple channels in more than 90 languages.

Acuvate CX Chatbots Make More Loyal Customers

With Acuvate CX chatbots, you not only earn customer loyalty but
also witness a substantial rise in your sales graph.

Acuvate's Impact

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200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

How can Acuvate Chatbots Help Your Business

We can help you choose the Right Chatbots
for Your Exact Needs

Consumer Service Chatbots

Join the forces of AI and ML to answer common questions and assist the help desk. Drive down your support costs and escalate to a human agent only when required.

Consumer Engagement Chatbots

Consumer Engagement Chatbots

Simulate near-human and highly personalized intelligent interactions with your customers based on their personalized journeys and exact needs. Recommend the right products & services to them with our award winning ML based recommendation engine.

Our CX Offerings

Customer Journey Mapping

Creating a firm base for building a successful chatbot with

Digital Shelf Strategy

Digital Shelf Strategy

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Smooth analysis and reporting system integrated our CX chatbots-

Personas Development

Personas Development

Customer persona development by analyzing-

Bot persona development



Acuvate supports and ensures chatbot performance by-

customer satisfaction
Chatbot Conversation Design

Chatbot Conversation Design

Adoption Planning

Adoption Planning

The critical aspects we consider for our chatbot to work for your brand-


A complete blueprint to deliver repeatable success, Acuvate specializes in setting up chatbot CoEs for large enterprises. We do this with the help our methodology, tools and highly skilled staff consisting of engineers, conversation designs (CUX & VUI) and language trainers.

A playbook to build Customer Experience Strategy with Chatbots

The Capabilities of a Customer Experience Chatbot!

Omnichannel bots - Be where your customers are!

Enable customers to interact with your brand on the platform of their choice without losing the context of the conversation. Build omnichannel CX chatbots that can be deployed on Facebook, WhatsApp, email, websites, etc., and voice assistants like Microsoft Cortana.

Enhance customer experience and drive localization with multilingual chatbots!

Personalize your customers’ experiences and make them feel valued and heard with chatbots that speak to them in the language of their choice. After all, most customers are comfortable with and loyal to a brand that speaks to them in their native tongue.

Provide conversational voice support with text to speech bots

Enable quick, personalized, interactive, human-like customer support with text to speech technology that allows bots to deliver fluid, natural-sounding responses to customers.

Understand the customer’s mood with sentiment analysis capabilities

Comprehend your customers’ emotions and modify responses accordingly with sentiment analysis. Route angry customers to human agents with the human agent handover feature. Prioritize support for the dissatisfied customers and reward the happiest and most loyal ones.

Maximize customer engagement with chatbot analytics

Gauge customer preferences, key search terms, recurring queries, customer expectations, buying behavior, and CSAT levels with chatbot analytics and measure the effectiveness of your customer experience chatbot.

Deliver immersive customer experiences with AR technology

Open a world of immersive shopping experiences with augmented reality (AR) chatbots that allow customers to visualize the look, use, or placement of a product or service through virtual channels.

Acuvate Accelerators


BotCore is Acuvate’s one-stop bot builder platform that enables organizations to train, build and launch customized conversational bots powered by AI. Using cognitive abstraction, it can leverage any AI service available today and is scalable for future services.

BotCore has support for no-code, low-code, and pro-code bot building. Today, BotCore powers chatbots at several Fortune 100 and large enterprises.



Broadcast messages



PII - Data

Chat and error

Multiple bot responses for each question

Leverages the power of NLP


Easy API

Easy training & FAQ upload

Dynamic & unique responses based on user data

Customizable error messages

Customer Profile

Why Acuvate?

Our Approach
Bot Development Lifecycle (BDLC)

Bot Development Lifecycle

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