A Comprehensive Guide to Personalizing the Customer Journey with Conversational Commerce Admin March 24, 2022


We all rejoice when someone remembers our name and recognizes us for our accomplishments, likes, dislikes, and choices. The same holds true for the customers of today.

New-age customers want brands to see them as individuals with unique characteristics, needs, desires, experiences, and traits. 91% of consumers polled in a survey said they are more likely to do business with brands that remember, recognize, and provide them with relevant recommendations and offers. Show them generic, non-personalized content, and customers could run away from your business and never return.

Personalization at scale has become the holy grail of marketing as it improves customer experience, boosts sales, and drives customer loyalty.

Yet, two-thirds of customer experience leaders continue to struggle with it.

The solution? AI-powered conversational commerce.

Our e-book on “A comprehensive guide to personalizing the customer journey with conversational commerce” talks about:

  • A more connected and empowered “new-age” customer
  • What is conversational commerce?
  • How does conversational commerce deliver personalized recommendations at scale based on user interests and traits — benefits and use cases?
  • Successful CX transformation with conversational commerce — real-life stories.
Personalize engine in Conversational Commerce

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