Decision Automation Excellence for Modern Enterprises Admin September 26, 2023

Decision Automation Excellence
for Modern Enterprises

Gartner Foresees 95% of Data-Driven Choices Automated by 2025. Are You Ready for Change? 

Be Inspired with Data & Analytics Success Stories

30% Increase in on-time Project launches

Leading global CPG identifies and eliminates 200 stalled projects, leading to a 30% increase in on-time project launches and Saving 1500-Person hours.  

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Improved Workforce Productivity

Leading global CPG achieves strong sustainability results, reduced OEE loss, and improved workforce productivity with Data-Powered Digital Factory. 

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90% Reduction in Invoice Processing

Global metropolis water supply department modernized data processes, achieving 90% reduction in invoice processing and 24/7 data access across all devices

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200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

Acuvate Empowers You with Decision Automation to Maximize Data ROI

Transformational Services

Reinvent your enterprise with data and AI as innovation drivers. Adopt the latest technology, foster collaboration, and employ AI for automated insights. Shift from siloed data systems to a unified approach with our services. Modernize data platforms and boost efficiency in a dynamic market. 

We help you: 

  • Build a future-ready enterprise
  • Foster a culture of collaboration
  • Leverage AI for sharp insights  
  • Transform data ownership
  • Optimize your data estate  
  • Scale enterprise-wide AI implementation
Foundational Services

Lay the groundwork for a data-driven enterprise. Align your business goals with a data strategy for informed decision-making. Organize and secure your data for easy access. Use our services to ensure data accuracy through master data management. Establish a trustworthy single source of truth with data governance. 

 We help you:  

  • Data Strategy and Consulting
  • Data Platform Migration & Modernisation
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine learning and Deep Learning
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Data Quality management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance  
  • Data Operations
Data Migration and Modernization Services

Maximize returns on your cloud investments with our services. We simplify your shift from legacy systems to a security-focused approach, prioritizing data integrity and security. Using our services, you can seamlessly transition from legacy data challenges to a future-ready model. 

 We help you: 

  • Navigate data complexity  
  • Elevate cost-efficiency  
  • Guard data integrity 
  • Fortify data security  
  • Streamline data management
  • Future-proof data strategy
Advanced Analytics

Turn your massive data estate into decisions that fuel growth. Manage data strategically and integrate AI, ML, and IoT for smooth data flow. Our advanced analytics translates insights into action, offering real-time suggestions. Witness tangible benefits like faster project launches, efficient invoice processing, and time savings. 

 We help you:  

  • Unlock enterprise insights 
  • Build an intelligent enterprise
  • Use data strategically 
  • Operationalize analytics 
  • Integrate learning
  • Forecast with precision 
  • Act on automated recommendations 
  • Achieve real-world impact

How We Deliver Enterprise-Wide Decision Automation That Works

We integrate diverse sensors with advanced 5G and LPWAN connectivity, channeling data to edge devices or the cloud for real-time insights and optimized operations. 

We facilitate data storage in the cloud, ensuring secure access and establishing clear data ownership for improved scalability and flexibility. 

Our data cleansing processes guarantee data quality and reliability, assuring users to conduct self-service reporting, predictive and prescriptive analytics. 

Our AI and ML-powered decision support system enables autonomous decision-making, backed by humans for exceptional cases, ensuring a balanced approach

Maximize Your Data Investments with Acuvate

Why Acuvate?

As a global player in next-generation digital solutions and services, we help organizations unlock the full potential of their data. Our expertise lies in optimizing data usage to drive insights, build AI solutions, streamline operations, and deliver meaningful outcomes. 


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