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Offshore Development Center (ODC) Services

Modernize, automate, and transform your IT ecosystem at scale

Set Up Your Offshore Development Centre Digital Transformation Centre of Excellence

Accelerating digital transformation with AI and cloud is a critical focus for any CIO and IT leader today. But navigating through challenges like creating a skilled talent pool, modernizing legacy systems, adopting cloud, while also sticking to the right vision and reducing costs is key.

To succeed, you need to look beyond run-off-the-mill Offshore Development Centre (ODC) vendors who solely address your changing IT staffing needs. You need a digital transformation partner who

  • Acts as a gateway for human expertise in emerging technologies
  • Collaborates with industry-leading technology partners to create bespoke enterprise solutions
  • Has proven expertise with managing complex cloud and data environments
  • Helps build an agile, resilient and cost-efficient IT infrastructure
  • Drives strategic vision amid disruption

Our Services Portfolio

Acuvate’s range of technology services & bespoke applications help in improving communication, collaboration, and productivity at an enterprise level.


Our Core Offerings for ODC


Application Development and Major Enhancements

Planning, creation, testing, deployment, and updating of applications


Support and Minor Enhancements

Fixing and correcting IT issues; proactive maintenance and support; minor upgrades to improve performance


Quality Assurance

Identifying and maintaining set quality requirements to ensure the app or service meets required industry-specific standards


Configuration Management

Tools & Automation to drive efficiency and predictability


Continuous Improvements

Continuous improvement of systems, portals, and apps with innovative enhancements and emerging technologies


Data Center Services

Create a modern data estate with our end-to-end data services that include cloud migration, BI modernization, reports migration, advanced analytics and more.



Shorten the app development life cycle. Deliver apps and services at a faster pace through continuous deployment, and evolve and improve products swiftly.



Prevent bugs, reduce development costs, and improve software and application performance with top-of-the-class testing processes.

Migration & Modernization

Setting up a governance framework and processes to efficiently leverage the right technologies to achieve organizational goals

Measure system performance metrics, such as service availability, response time, utilization, errors and failed requests, etc.

Provide flexible, on-demand access to skilled and experienced professionals as new technology needs arise

Transition Management Office

Includes work stream-based planning, governance, and tracking of transition schedules.

Defining processes like business-demand planning, configuration management, software development and maintenance, disaster recovery, etc.

Providing primary and shadow support, including knowledge transfer, and assistance with in-flight projects.

Allocating requisite staff for transition and standardization and ramping up when needed

Setting up physical infrastructure, onsite availability, network connectivity, and space, ID, and personnel logistics

Resolving transition issues with existing vendors; setting up steering committee, escalation matrix, and review cadence

Our ODC Execution Approach

Development Enagement

Analyze Requirements

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Comparstive Analysis of Avalable Platforms
  • Best Fit Identification

Detailed Planning

  • Theme Identification
  • Plugins/Extensions Identification
  • Customization Development Plan
  • Execution Plan

Design and Development

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Theme Implementation
  • Plugin Integnation
  • Customizations and Integrations

Release and Deployment

  • Beta Release and UAT
  • System Administration walk-Through
  • Content Setup
  • Go Live

Support and Maintenance

  • Technical Support
  • Bug Fixes
  • Regular Monitoring

Support Engagement

Problem Reception

Request Classification

RCA and Issue Reproduction

Bug Fixing Process

Quality Check


Acuvate's ODC follows Agile methodolgy using Kanban

Continuous Delivery

Iterative Workflow

Continuous Improvement

Seamless Interactions across teams

Collaboration with business on priorities by design

Focus on outcome

Reduced overhead

Application Development Lifecycle

Featured Case Study

Acuvate builds 200+ integrated apps and portals for a leading financial services company

apps of various complexities for process automation and enhancement of customer and employee experience, resulting in a 900% growth in the brand’s market cap in the last decade.

Application Usage


monthly active users


transactions per day


monthly active partners


intranet users

Why Choose Acuvate to build your Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Open Communication

A dedicated Project Manager; Consultation-based approach; easy SPOC access

High Delivery Standards

Detailed requirements analysis and prototype-based approach; optimum returns with cost-effective solutions; high application verification and validation standards

Technical Expertise

Experienced experts at your disposal, including technical architects, software programmers, testers, graphic designers, etc.

Robust Security and Compliance

Annual third-party information security assessment; VAPT cycle followed before every application production deployment

Continuous Delivery and Improvement

using the Kanban Agile Methodology to drive focus on outcomes and reduce overheads

The L.E.A.D Program

6 months of trainer-certified programs for freshers; strict evaluation criteria and hiring standards

The Learneur Program

Company sponsored technical certifications; cross-skilling opportunities for staff

Higher Transparency

Real-time visibility into projects; milestone-based project development; improvements based on client feedback

Ability to Scale

Robust frameworks to incorporate new technologies; committed timelines to scale

Value for Money

Collaborative partnerships for project success; promising ROI

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