SharePoint Intranet Bots

Organizations have been building employee intranets on SharePoint. It’s time for Bots to join the party.
World’s first Bot for SharePoint and SharePoint online intranets – MeshBOT – has arrived!

MeshBOT has been built using Microsoft Botframework and comes with pre-built connections to your SharePoint on-prem or SharePoint online infrastructure. It uses Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) from Microsoft Cognitive Services for understanding natural language that your employees will use to interact with it. Coupled with Azure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), MeshBOT adds an additional security layer that protects your enterprise investments.

Though MeshBOT has been built keeping the needs of intelligent intranets in mind, the underlying architecture can be used to build bots for your SharePoint extranet, website or other SharePoint based applications.

Why use a Bot on your Intranet?

Here are few top reasons:
Extend the reach of your intranet into everyday messaging apps that your employees are already using like Slack, Skype, Skype for Business etc.
Keep employees up to date on the latest intranet updates. All an employee needs to do is ask the Bot, “What’s new?”
Use the Bot to provide self service experience like applying for time-off, reimbursements, raising an IT ticket etc.
Push relevant and important content as personalized conversations
Keep your employees connected to the intranet wherever they are. Bots work perfectly in low data situations. Integrate with SMS services and your employees don’t even need internet to talk to the Bot!
All your employees are already used to conversational messaging apps.
Bots are the perfect adoption drivers for your intranet. For very long, intranet owners have struggled to get more users to use the intranet and make the intranet the central hub of all information. With bots, you create a personalized, conversation driven and powerful interface to your intranet.
Experience B2E ChatBots on Skype for Business


  • Integrate Bots to your existing SharePoint online or on-prem intranet
  • Bot comes with pre-built connections for SharePoint
    • Get latest Announcements and News
    • Get document library updates (Eg: Policies, forms etc.)
    • Integrate with self-service apps like leave, reimbursement, helpdesk etc.
    • Access and update critical tasks
    • Integrated with SharePoint user profiles
    • Integrated with SharePoint search
  • Ability to Personalize and Train the Bot for your organization specific scenarios
  • Integrate with existing messaging applications like Slack, Skype and Facebook messenger
  • Multi Factor Authentication for security


Suitable for

  • Any organization using SharePoint online or on-prem based Intranets.

Return on Investment

  • Increase intranet adoption
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Cut down intranet re-design investments

Acuvate has been building intranets since the days of BPOS.
Our ready to deploy intranet solution, MESH, was launched on the same day as Microsoft launched Office 365.
We see Bots as the next step of evolution of Intranets into Intelligent Intranets.


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