Wave – SharePoint Based Idea Management Software


Wave, a SharePoint based Idea Management Software empowers you to capture, collaborate and evaluate brightest ideas that come as a byproduct of crowdsourcing from your employees. A dynamic framework is provided to create business challenges, obtain potential solutions, identify and reward your employees for their ideation and collaboration efforts.

Wave expedites the development of a transparent and robust innovation management process​ to foster employee engagement and carve a sustainable pool of ideas for your business challenges.

Did you know?

“Forrester claims that 53% of global services decision-makers are investing in emerging
innovation and idea management technologies to drive innovation

Wave Workflow

Wave Workflow
Know how SharePoint based intranet helped a major company to capture ideas and transform them into powerful business outcomes

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Features Of Wave

Ideate and Collaborate

A platform for all your employees to generate, capture, evaluate, prioritize and refine the brightest ideas that best fit your business requirements. It uses crowdsourcing features such as like, comment, share etc. to collaborate on the idea posted.


Dashboard And Reporting

Wave brings you robust dashboards and reporting system to track idea status, count, evaluate the ideas from various perspectives and measure the performance for making an informed decision.


Embraces gamification element into your idea management activities to encourage and engage your employees to take part. It provides an option to award different incentives like points for ideation, contribution badges, progress bar and many more empowering employees to involve in ideation.


Hasslefree Integration

Integrates perfectly with different social channels, mobile, analytics and cloud environment. It can be accessed on your preferred operating system, messaging platform or device.

Solutions For Business Challenges

Using wave organizations can share and manage multiple challenges across the organization and get productive solutions for your business challenges.


End To End Process

Facilitates identifying and capturing the best ideas and executing them. It ensures sustainable implementation of an idea through an effective workflow that includes panel voting, performance review and evaluation of business impact.

Wave Overview