An Introduction To The Ultimate Idea Management Solution – Wave Poonam Chug May 29, 2017

An Introduction To The Ultimate Idea Management Solution – Wave

An Introduction To The Ultimate Idea Management Solution – Wave

In today’s competitive world, it is essential for organizations to come up with competent and innovative solutions to facilitate growth. The best way to do this is to tap into the ideas of their employees. Simultaneously, it is vital for the organizations to ensure that the creative energies of their employees are focused around solutions that can be implemented to solve business challenges.

According to 87% of business leaders, digitalization is a top priority. Digital innovation is driving increasing interconnection, giving unprecedented access to capabilities, resources and talent on a global scale – Gartner

Ideas are universal. They can come from employees across teams, age groups and experience levels. So what is the best way to manage the influx of ideas coming in from so many different sources?

WAVE is a SharePoint based Idea Management Solution designed to capture, collaborate and evaluate bright ideas from the employees. It enables business units get potential solutions to the business problems by providing a framework to create challenges for which your employees can submit ideas. It ensures that the idea committee can methodically review and shortlist the best ideas. Additionally, WAVE allows employees to crowdsource (like/comment) the various ideas submitted.

WAVE provides a framework to create challenges, capture potential ideas, identify and reward employees for ideation and collaboration. Thus encouraging employees to innovate and help with the organizational growth.

Key Features

  • Focused Ideation
    WAVE allows business units to setup challenges for business problems, thus ensuring that employees suggest innovative solutions to the problem at hand. For instance: how to reduce travel costs? Or suggestions for increasing customer satisfaction etc., Thus the platform enables focused ideation ensuring the highest number of ideas to benefit the business unit.

  • Flexible Evaluation Criteria

    WAVE enables the organization to define their own numeric evaluation criteria to rank the best ideas.

  • Custom Idea Capture Forms

    WAVE’s idea capture forms can be completely customized by the different business units within the organization to capture relevant information based on their specific needs.

  • Transparent and Robust Workflows

    WAVE provides transparent and robust innovation management process with the help of powerful workflows. These workflows ensure that each submitted idea is evaluated and reviewed by a defined panel of moderators. The workflow process also reminds moderators to ensure ideas are evaluated periodically. Employees also receive timely status updates for the idea review process.

  • Ideation and Collaboration

    WAVE enables employees to review and comment on other ideas and track their own ideas. Employees can initiate discussions on submitted ideas and share their feedback . Thus, shaping better ideas and in turn solutions.

  • Customized Home Page

    WAVE allows you to design custom home pages for your organization with a variety of appealing content such as recent campaigns, high rated ideas, employee recognition boards etc., Our expert UI designers will help you put in all your relevant content.


  • Involvement

    WAVE ensures that ideas are collected from every team. Organizations stand to gain by tapping into the creativity of their employees. Additionally, as employees get recognized for their ideas, there would be an increased sense of loyalty and belonging towards the organization and its growth. Thus, promoting a strong bond between employees and the enterprise.

  • Transparency

    Employees can track the review progress for their ideas. This builds up enthusiasm and encourages employees to participate in idea submissions.

  • Access to Pool of Ideas

    For organizations that are spread out geographically, WAVE helps in quick idea sharing across the locations. Usually, local offices of an organization function independently and rarely share ideas or best practices with other offices. WAVE empowers such organizations by letting them share and reuse ideas multiple times and across multiple locations to reap the benefits.

  • Cost Effective

    Since the solution is deployed online on the SharePoint portal, WAVE allows organizations to gather and evaluate ideas at great speed and with flexibility. The complete idea submission and evaluation process is automated using customized workflows. Thus, ensuring a cost and time effective solution catered to specific organizational needs.

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